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    Cool Author/Title-Looking for book/series -chaos, mazes, wizards

    I read a SF book back in college or high school published in 80's or before. The main character in the book started off with a lost memory. His family members seemed to be fighting each other. They were able to transport from place to place. One of family members killed another family member in some kind of maze. The blood spilled on the maze and caused some kind of a corruption or cracks to occur; this caused other events to occur in the story. The killer was trying to make it look like our main character was behind it. The main character was receiving flashbacks through out the story until he received his full memory back. The characters also had others powers in the story I think. The title might have had the word "Chaos" in it.

    I'm looking for any books with some kind of story like this. I believe this was a series.

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    More information

    Some other things that came to mind when I read this book was the words "matrix and trump". The maze was like some kind of a matrix in the book and I remember playing cards or least the word "trump". Trump may have some thing to do with the title or characters. I think I was playing cards about the same time as reading it and that caused this word to stick out.

    Appreciate any information on books like this. Thanks all.

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    You seem to be talking about Roger Zelazney's Amber series.

    The names of the fifth, eigth and tenth volumes have "Chaos" in them.

    There are actually ten volumes in total - you may not have read them all!

    Here they are:

    1. Nine Princes in Amber (1970)
    2. The Guns of Avalon (1972)
    3. The Sign of the Unicorn (1975)
    4. The Hand of Oberon (1976)
    5. The Courts of Chaos (1978)
    6. Trumps of Doom (1985)
    7. Blood of Amber (1986)
    8. Sign of Chaos (1987)
    9. Knight of Shadows (1989)
    10. Prince of Chaos (1991)
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    Smile Thanks

    Thanks Julian,

    Checking Amazon out, this looks like this could be the series, I haven't read the whole series. I think I used to a have a copy of the first book from this series, but it was destroyed years ago. I didn't think about reading the complete series till later, but I couldn't remember enough about it. Anyway just wanted to say how much I appreciate the feedback.

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