Congratulations, Tim, for your success!

I was wondering if anyone here thinks publishers would be interested in a series that is based around the common titanic theme of the battle between good and evil. However, in order to show a unique voice, the story explores and is centered around a "twist" if you will in the battle between good and evil. Not going to give anything away, but it is very much different in the bigger picture than the hero vanquishing a dark lord.

More importantly, if there are any editors, agents, or publishers around here, what's your opinion on my question?

The battle between good and evil intrigues many people if the success of series such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and the Wheel of Time are anything to go by. But I think what the genre really needs is a break from the usual hero going to defeat the dark lord who wants ultimate power while still centering around the theme of good against evil. In the bigger picture, of course.