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    Welcome new people!

    Djjaes: At 18-20 for the characters, you can market the work to YA. However, it's not mandated. YA has a lot of opportunities still because it expanded over the last ten years and because it is selling well. There are quite a few agents repping YA. There are also additional marketing opportunities with YA -- going to schools, libraries, etc.

    Dark, serious content is not necessarily a problem for YA. Even a sex scene, depending, may be workable. But you do need to look at the content with an eye for a reading audience that is roughly 11-16 years old. If the themes of the work and the main story illuminate teen coming of age issues, then YA might be a good fit if that's where you want to be. There is also the adult general fiction market which publishes fantasy titles. Being in that market does not cut you off from the category SFF market. So you have options.

    What you might want to do is start by going to agents who handle fiction, YA fiction and SFF fiction. Then if the agent likes the book and offers to rep you, you and the agent can discuss whether it would be best in the YA or adult markets, depending on your career goals, and if adult, whether it should be marketed to the category imprints or general fiction ones.
    Thanks for the incite. Very helpful. After reading yours and another person's comments, I feel that maybe this novel has a more YA feel to it.

    The basic themes as I told the other commenter, Window Bar, is "Overall, the themes are exploring the truth of who you are, fighting for something just, friendship and loyalty. I believe that these are important themes for YA's and adults."

    As for a sex scene there are none in the novel, however. There is sexual tension between the two main characters. Only a few curse words (damn is used a few times, but is used by a character and represents her speech pattern, language usage, etc. Yet it can be reworded to fit appropriate audience. I also use other dialogue and word usage for that character to establish accent without stereotyping or cliche.) There are a few scenes that deal with death and severe injury. The antagonist to the main characters both minor and major is killed quite gruesomely and another main character is stabbed. All are a part of the development, climax and resolution of the story's problems, etc.

    In some ways the journey of the main character is like the main character's journey in "Becoming Naomi Leon." A great YA novel, yet although my story is remotely like "Becoming Naomi Leon," the theme of discovering one's self through the discovery of the truth is apart of both my main character and the one in "BNL".

    As I continue to revise and revise, I will look into finding representation that deals with both YA, SFF, and the adult SFF too.

    KatG, you're very knowledgeable. Thanks for your input.

    Also another question (for anyone). I have many notes on the languages that I have created for the novel, myths/legends etc. I would like to include this in the novel as part of its presentation to agents/publishers.

    Good/bad idea? Or something to be used later if published as a companion piece to the novel itself?

    Also, the older characters in the book have a similar journey to that of the younger main characters. For example, in the novel itself, the main character finds his aunts manuscript for a short story-like journal that chronicles their own journeys and adventures in the alternate reality. The importance being it serves as a bridge to the past that the main character was too young, or not born, to remember; it explains the origins and connection with Earth and the alternate reality.

    I have the notion to include the journal mentioned in the main novel as a separate short short. Again, Good/bad idea to include in the submitted manuscript, or save it as a companion piece for later publishing?
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