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    Post HELP! Cnaur's Cultural Story - A Search

    So it's been some time since I read the Prince of Nothing series but somewhere buried in the second or third book was a story that I am dying to try and find again. My vague recollection is that it's a story told around a campfire to general merriment as a joke, but it's a story of Cnaur's people and when he enters the conversation his dour (as usual) response is that it's a story told to young men to remind them that death is meaningless, only life has meaning.

    My problem is I can't find the damn story! I'm trying to figure out where it is in which book and to get a typed version of the whole scene, both the story and Cnaur's response. Can anyone help me????

    - A most appreciative person if you can find it
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    Hi. That part is in 'The Warrior Prophet' in Chapter 2.

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