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    Alan campbell/ Stephen Hunt - moment of clarity

    I just realized few things.
    Today with Canadian/Australian fantasy boom I realized how though it is to be a good writer - How hard it must be to impress, to make a good story and come up with creative world.

    Not many can make a classic storyline with not many fantasy elements and pull it of (GRRM).

    It requires good thriller, good characters, and twists and turns... Most writers go other way - want to create different world, something new - Stover, bishop, Windermere, mieville, steam punk is getting harder and harder but i like new concepts and ideas. I mean you can put arsen lupen, casanova, poirot, jason burne or sherlock holmes in any setting and make it good but I like new.

    This 2 authors just gave me another insight. authors can borow and integrate ne w ideas from
    1)computer games - planscape torment, warcraft, oblivion, fallout, ufo...
    2) ANIME CARTOONS - trigun, beepob, the third, black lagoon, and of course anime like big 0, battle angel, death note,GITS, samourai champoolo, LAST EXILE, KINO's JOURNEY (Last exile and Kino's journey are good for couple of great books as a concepts) fullmetal alchemist, darker then black...hundreds and hundreds of anima with concepts of parallel universe + action and fantasy, obsession with AI...

    I mean if you want ideas watch anime - they borrow and then broden up the concept just like authors do.

    Integrating classics like Jules V., Little prince, philosophy, and borrowing elements from few anime, other writers can just make incredible books. Integrating known into something new is for me creating art not theft.

    Stephen Hunt integrated aloooot and it is great.
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