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    David Wingrove - Chung Kuo

    I read an article from last year that Quercus Books purchased the rights to the Chung Kuo series and would republish it over the course of the next several years. David Wingrove was supposed to write a prequal entitled "When China Comes" to be published in May of this year. I cannot find this book anywhere. Does anyone know if that book is out or if the entier project fell apart?

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    When China Comes

    A long while back I contacted Quercus to try and reserve a copy and I was informed that it was set up/rights purchased by Nicholas Cheetham who left and took the rights with him to Atlantic. Atlantic's site has him listed as a buyer for a project that is not even close to the sci-fi genre. Although Quercus was extremely helpful I've been unable to get any info from Atlantic or Mr. Cheetham, but his email is *as I was given anyways* maybe you will have better luck! I so very much hope so I really want to see the project take off! Hope that helps!?

    Ferthu Hal

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    Chung Kuo


    Many thanks for the information on Chung Kuo and status report on "When China Comes." I hope that this whole project has not fallen into the great abyss.


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