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    Question Action Packed Sci Fi Reccomendations?

    Hey all, first time poster...

    I am a big Timothy Zahn and Peter Hamilton fan. I am looking for action packed and/or character driven science fiction, does anyone have any reccomendations? It would be greatly appreciated.



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    Vernor Vinge - A Fire Upon The Deep and Deepness In The Sky
    Maybe anything by Reynolds (I find him and Hamilton somewhat similar).

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    Off the top of my head:

    Altered Carbon - Richard K. Morgan
    Cowl - Neal Asher
    Singularity Sky - Charles Stross
    Old Man's War - John Scalzi

    Any of these would do for action. AC and Cowl in particular are really violent and brutal and are pretty much non-stop. That is not a criticism

    I'll second Jennifer P on the Vinge as well. Great books, both of them.

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    Most of Iain M. Banks.
    Prador Moon by Neal Asher
    Lost Fleet series by Jack Campbell

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    Golden Age trilogy by John C Wright.

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    I've been reading the Warhammer 40000 series lately, I used to paint those Warhammer minis when I was a mini myself. The novels are actually quite good straying into all sorts of philosophical, political/anarchistic & religious/heretical territory while still remaining firmly entrenched in the Warhammer Sci-Fi world. Always full of fast paced action and generally quite interesting dialogue. Plenty of interesting things happen in every chapter. I couldn't read them otherwise, unmoving novels don't get read!

    The ones I've read just in the past few weeks or so since I began collecting them are:
    Pawns of Chaos Brian Craig
    Dark Adeptus Ben Counter
    Demon World Ben Counter
    Dark Apostle & Dark Disciple by Anthony Reynolds
    Mechanicum Graham McNeil
    Nagash the Sorcerer Mike Lee

    My next ones are Grey Seer by I believe Ben Counter and Angels of Darkness by Gav Thorpe. I'll start one of them at work tomorrow.

    Even though they are a series (all belong to the Warhammer world) the books can be read in any order. Indeed I only read certain books, as I'm not interested in the "good guys" (Space Marines, Imperial Soldiers, etc) I'm only interested in the side of Chaos, Darkness and the "Heresy of Free Thought"!
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