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    Possible sources?
    I read somewhere about "Call Me Joe" being a possible source and LeGuin's novlla makes perfect sense. Anyway, attempting to discover the correct or defnitive source will remain a fun game for years to come.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hereford Eye View Post
    Possible sources?
    I read somewhere about "My Name is Joe" being a possible source and LeGuin's novlla makes perfect sense. Anyway, attempting to discover the correct or defnitive source will remain a fun game for years to come.
    That is really cool HE! Thanx for the link.

    I have read the Deathworld Trilogy multiple times but I didn't even think of the similarities. I know I read The Word for the World is Forest but it must be 30+ years so I don't remember any of it. But "The Winds of Altair", "Call Me Joe" and "To Fell a Tree" I never even heard of.

    1. Robert F. Young - "To Fell a Tree". First published in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, July 1959, this obscure and rarely reprinted novella is perhaps the closest to the plot of "Avatar".
    I have read one work by Young though. I didn't remember him 'til I searched on that.

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    Got back about an hour ago from seeing Avatar in 3D and I was surprised. I really enjoyed it.

    I've not seen a modern 3D film until today, so I was initially a bit giddy about the effect (the zero-g stuff at the start really impressed me) but, after a while the 3D ceased to impress and I think I'd have enjoyed the film equally had I seen in 2D and did feel that some scenes/shots were chosen to show off the 3D.

    Also, it is a long film. I understand the need for the length - to build the bond between the audience and the Naívi - but I really wish modern cinemas still did intermissions as after nearly 3 hours my vision was starting to blur due to not having been able to take a bathroom break!

    After my initial comments on the CGI I was quite impressed. I think it was a shock at first, most CGI creations in live actions movies tend to be ďrealisticallyĒ coloured so seeing the bright blue Naívi for the first time I did think they looked a little silly/cartoony. However, when watching the filmÖ they looked pretty real.

    Storyline wasnít amazing and some later plot developments were so well sign posted Cameron might has well have popped up on screen and told you that this would be important later in the plot, before allowing the film to continue. However, I didnít mind in the end. I got quite involved and passionate about the whole thing! For me, the film echoed very much how the British Empire or more pointedly the trading companies it spawned, treated the natives of the various countries in the Empire. Of course you could also read into it the whole thing about big businesses being a driving force behind the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions.

    What was impressive was the detail Cameron must have done on the world building. The Na'vi language, culture, the moon's eco-system...

    So yeah, I really liked it and I am very glad I went to the big screen to watch it. Cameron again (after all, he can made me upset when a robot killing machine sacrifices itself in a vat of molten metal) proves that a film having a heart can make up for having a lack of plot.

    I do kinda hate the fact I liked it so much though. I just felt myself getting dragged in!

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    Ive seen Avatar 3D last week!

    Much has been said about this movie already. According to many, Avatar is a breakthrough accomplishment in special effects and 3D cinema and I immediately take their word for it. This is one of those movies during which I thought: ďthis is visually the most beautiful movie I have ever seenĒ and that happens only every few years. I am sure that a few years from now, there will be movies bigger and better than Avatar in their effects and 3D (even though Avatar has been ridiculously expensive). Avatar is the movie that people will emulate and, before you know it, do better. But! Avatar will be remembered for a long, long time to come, not because of the techniques that have been used, but because just of what has been created with these techniques.

    I thought Avatarís story was solid, but not very remarkable. At times downright predicable. But so were Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings. Itís your standard Dances With Wolves or Pocahontas story, in which a soldier changes sides when he notices that his own people are the baddies, only you donít see these stories in a science fiction environment often. It is well written and I really started to care about the characters, as it should be done. James Cameronís greatest achievement is the world he has created. This is escapism at its peak and it makes the 3D version truly stand out. Avatar feels real, as if Cameron truly flew to another world and took his camera with him, until you notice that everything looks bigger and better than on Earth and you remember that you are watching a movie.

    Avatar does not strike me as the typical mediocre movie that tries to hide its lack of story behind awesome special effects; it is a great movie that does everything right, aims high and wins. I love it when that happens!

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    Me too. I saw it earlier today without the 3d and it was phenomenal. It was a really solid cool movie up until the end when violent madness happens, which is when it became really awesome. it's been awhile for James Cameron but he hasn't forgotten how to make phenomenal action scenes. I could care less about the standards of visual effects, I hope this movie raises the standards of action scenes back to an impressive level. Name me a director who can put a better piece of explosive action on the screen that James Cameron. Outside of the world of martial arts he is the king and I'm glad he's back to making movies.

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