Hi all!

A few months ago I was reading through relatively new [10 yrs old or less] fantasy and horror short story anthologies at my local library.

I read a short story that was pretty decent, but forgot the title and author, and have not been able to find the book, title, or author since, and it is driving me nutty!

I've tried every keyword search online I can think of - nothing comes up that matches the story. I posted about this once before and people suggested that I look at a link that comes up, but that is not the one and it is a different tale.

Here's a summary of the story: A prince on some planet has to defend his world from an invasion force that is basically a demonic army. The army comes for tribute on a regular basis and they have never been beaten. The prince figures out a way to trick the demons into attacking him and he defeats them very badly, after years of preparation. One of the reasons he can defeat them is that he, and many of his followers, become vampires. He is called the Grey, or Gray Lord, I think.

Note: searching for "Gray Lord" etc. yields the link I mentioned before, but that is not it.

Like I said, it is in a recent anthology of short stories or short novels "Fantasy and Horror" - I am going to keep looking for it, but I think someone out there knows, maybe even the author is out there, and I'd love info about this story - which is a fun little read!

Thanks so much!