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    Caine Kindle editions

    I know from times I have recommended the Caine books to others that they have had a hard time tracking down a copy. I just noticed today that the three books are available in a Kindle version. I'm going to buy Heroes and Blade again since the copies I have were bought used. Mr. Stover deserves a cut for the books I enjoyed so thoroughly!
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    Hey, thanks.

    It's worth noting that the e-book versions pay a higher royalty rate. too.

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    Hi, is there any plans to release the books on the Kindle in the UK? While you can get Heroes Die in paper back from Amazon, Blades of Tyshalle is only available for about 80 second hand, which seems a little expensive! I hear such good things about Blades of Tyshalle that I would like to give it a read.

    I am not entirely sure why some books have been released for the Kindle in America, and not the UK. I guess it is a publisher thing, but I would have thought that once somebody has gone through all the trouble of formatting it there could be some kind of cooperation between publishers?

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    They are available in Germany too meanwhile. Maybe check again now to see if they have become available in the UK too?

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