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    I have been a long time member of this board and still find the mods insestance (sp) of thread necormancy odd sometimes but when in Rome do as the Romans do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zombiequeen420 View Post
    I think the mods have a Mussolini complex, and therefore, I'm making my departure
    Wow.. that's a bit of an extreme, isn't it? I wonder if you ever followed up with the mod and asked the reasoning behind the thread-stop. Seems like a pretty obvious reason, judging by the quick responses already posted. I've lurked here for a while and only joined recently, and I've never seen/read that the community and mods are anything but helpful. A site created, not to make money, but for people to talk about books. One that was created and continues to have information from a decade ago. And not by you. Maintaining a forum isn't the easiest or quickest thing to do. "When in Rome..." is an apt saying here. As is "Don't the door hit you..."

    I usually will find - using the easy search engine provided - answers to most of the questions I have or books already talked about; And especially many threads - on the first page, mind you - about top ten lists of books an authors.

    Unfortunate that you use such drastic words and name calling as Nazis and Mussolini complex; if you had any inkling what they truly meant, I would hope you'd take them back.

    I've gone on too much, and given your thread more credence than it deserves by adding to it after Mark was already was nice about it. I'll go and drink more of the SFF World kool aid, now.

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    This is mightily amusing, almost as much as the George RR Martin debate.

    While we're all being forum facists why doesn't a mod move this to the feedback section, or the genral bit? Far more suitable if you ask me

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    To be fair I do think the mods are a little to adamant in refering to thread-necromancy, I have seen it when there have been a good discussion for a while in the thread and then it have been terminated.

    Now, I understand that the fear is that the board would be swamped, but if one wants a healthy influx of new members, they have to be allowed to make their own careers and not just bask in the glory of those that came before. Or something like that

    Balance is the key and I think it is a little bit off at the moment. Some looser reins, would be better overall. And no, I have no intention of starting a thread like that.

    (Often one wants to post in the recommendation thread, and if I go to an old one I will be accused by the mods of bringing back an old thread, should I just read and not post a single post, for those policys doesn't add up)

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    Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure the original poster is gone for good. If she'd stuck around, she might be happy to see that at least this thread got some responses!

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    To me the simplest solution to the whole recommendation thread issue would be to make a separate recommendations sub-forum for people to spam to their hearts content. The few recommendation threads currently on offer tend to be huge and overwhelming, and sifting out what actually looks good can be difficult (especially with the "If you like ^^^^^ then you might like #####" thread). If so many people want to ask for recommendations, it just seems logical to let them do so, rather than driving people off with thread closures.

    The whole thread necromancy thing is an entirely different issue with no good solution. Some forums will complain if you resurrect old threads, whereas some will complain if you don't. All I can suggest here is making the rules thread slightly more prominent (it looks like part of the header rather than something to actually read as it currently stands), and perhaps making it more explicit what is expected (as well as updating it, it still refers to the author subforums at the moment)

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    I do kind of agree, sometimes it seems like the mods are trying to save on bandwidth or something with the insistance on combining similar threads into unreadable 100 page conglomerations.

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    Just popping in here to say that I like Zedar's ideas.

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    I third Zedar's recommendation. Good idea!

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    I enjoy the summary recommendations threads. I think I use them, or the "Reading in _____" threads, every time I'm looking for a new book to read. You get instant answers instead of having to wait for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evil Agent View Post
    Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure the original poster is gone for good. If she'd stuck around, she might be happy to see that at least this thread got some responses!
    You beat me to it. :P

    I don't understand what all the complaints are about. Has no one ever used the search function?

    And if you don't know what to look for, you're going to have to dig through threads upon threads, especially if you're question is "anything that is good". I mean, my definition of "good" is way different from someone who thinks Harry Potter is literature.

    Granted, I know that some people are lazy, but I would start with threads that get a lot of attention outside of reccommendations. We have author forums and best author of the decade. Try some new stuff, then work back to the old stuff. Or...go to a book store and read the first page until something strikes your fancy. :P

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    From the office of the thread NAZIS!!!!

    We are moving this discussion to the Feedback forum, since it really isn't discussing fantasy, but forum behavior in general.

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