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    Firecat- So we should read the Battleaxe series first (weren't they published in the US with Wayfarer first?
    Heh. More Sara Douglass confusion (I HATE that the US publisher mucked around with the titles in such a horrible way, because now everyone is very confused).

    The Battleaxe series comes first. The first book of the Battleaxe series (entitled Battleaxe) was given the name 'The Wayfarer Redepmtion' in the U.S. Everywhere else, The Wayfarer Redemption refers to the SECOND trilogy. See the 'I was in the bookstore and those Sara Douglass books really confused me...' thread for the complete rundown of titles and order.

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    ...uh. Wow. I think you've officially read more fantasy lit than any human being I know.

    Though I haven't read a number of the series here, I've been keeping track...
    That being said, I've only read... oh, around 40% to 50% of the books here. Mind, I've never actually finished reading the series, just one or two that I kept track on the Amazon afterwards. There are also some that haven't been mentioned here but I can't remember at the moment.

    Really? One more to go? I recently finished Soldiers Live, and then read an interview that explained that the glittering plain should have finished earlier but he convinced the publishers he couldn't cram it all in... looking forward to another one with the Old Man...
    Hah! You picked up on a mistake I realized I made after writing the post! I was really thinking of "Soldiers Live" when I said 1 more, since I've only reached "Water Sleeps" in the series. So I don't really know if there's more out there, Kane.

    I was under the impression it was onging as I saw another Ethshar novel just recently...
    Well, I've actually checked out Watt-Evan's site and seen this mentioned. However, a check with Amazon didn't give any reviews so I never really saw what it was all about.


    Rwan/Roberson/Elliot "The Golden Keys" series is complete and very good.
    Yes, it was. However, I thought it was just one-off from the 3 ladies?

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    I don't know what to say...

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    Two notes

    Yes, Golden Key is a sinle novel work.

    Second, Black Company is officially finished

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    In Germany it isn't. There are three books. As I read it in German I didn't realize.

    One more good complete series: Holly Lisle "Secret Texts"

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    Duncan, Dave - Tale of the King's Blade - complete though I think Duncan will be dipping in every now and then
    Yes, the first three a contained trilogy, but as Duncan says on his Web site, he is returning for another tale. I really enjoyed the series.

    - The Darksword Trilogy - complete with 1 sequel
    This was one of the first fantasies I read in middle school. Don't know if it was because I read the sequel (Legacy...) so many years later or the book was simply bad.

    Berg, Carol - The Rai-Kirah??? - not complete
    Soon to be complete. She's got a Web site on, the third, Restoration will be publishing in the summer. First book was very good, better than I thought it would be.

    And Watt-Evans is going between the Esthshar novels and the novels of Arlian Dragon Weather which was pretty good and the second book The Dragon Society.

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    Christopher Rowley´s Bazil Broketail series is also completed. Great great series.


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    Finally! What took you so long Kassimir?!

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    I've seen all good people turn their heads each day so satisfied I'm on my way!
    Mithfânion, perhaps he was just waiting to finish reading to be sure it was worth adding his imput...

    That's what I've done...

    estranghero, you might consider adding:

    Kerner, Elizabeth - Tales of Kolmar - NC

    A decent read. She has an easy way and the books only take a day or two to read. Light and fun. She's only done two and is in the process of writing the third.

    Book 1 - Song in the Silence
    Book 2 - The Lesser Kindred
    Book 3, forthcoming - Redeeming the Lost(working title)


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    Jane S. Fancher's Dance of the Rings is not complete. She is working on a fourth book now and would like to write at least one more novel after that, plus she might have a short story collection set in that world.

    Anne Bishop plans more Black Jewels books. The next one will be about Lucivar and his courtship of his wife.

    Rawn, Roberson, and Elliott might be writing sequels (one for each author) to The Golden Key . I've heard a few different things about it though.

    Elizabeth Haydon has a new book in the Rhapsody series coming out next month called Requiem for the Sun.

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    Thomas K Martin : A Two Edged Sword Trilogy Complete.
    Young man gets transported to an magical world
    bit of a learning growing story the hero starts out
    naive weak ends up one dangerous guy.
    Thomas K Martin :The Magelords Trilogy Complete.
    Very good well thought out magic system strong
    characters set in a Viking like world.
    Mickey Zucker Reichert : The Renshai Trilogy Complete.
    Norse gods try to manipulate swordmen and
    wizards to change Ragnorok so they don't
    Mickey Zucker Reichert : The Renshai Chronicles Complete.
    After Ragnorok the world survives but all the
    remaining creatures gods elves mortals must
    learn new ways to deal with each other.
    J.F. Rivkin : SliverGlass Complete.
    Tale of a swordswoman and princess/wizard
    rise to power incredible well done characters.
    Ellen Faxxe : The Summerlands Complete.
    Bit of a twist on the invasion of the America's
    with bird like natives standing in for the Inca's.
    Harry Turtledave : Fox and Empire Complete.
    Province of a Romen like Empire gets cut off
    and let to its own resources fighting monsters
    stange Gods and each other.
    Jennifer Roberson : Tiger and Del Complete.
    Tales of revenge mostly about the interaction
    between two main characters.
    Barbara Hambly : Darwath Trilogy Complete.
    A outcast wizard trys to save his world from an
    Ice age and monsters .
    Rick Shelley : The Seven Towers Complete.
    A very powerfull wizard fights the gods.
    Simon Hawke : Wizard of 4th Street Complete.
    Set in a future where magic has saved the
    world from pollution and fossil fuel depletion
    the darker side of magic starts to show.
    Anne Logston : Shadow Complete.
    Tales of a Master Elven Theif and her friends
    Robert N Charrette : A Prince Among Men Complete.
    A Elven prince grew up thinking he was human
    in a CyberPunk type future.

    All Highly recommended three and a half stars or more.

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    I didn't see these listed, so:

    Jan Siegel's Fern Capel trilogy is complete now (Prospero's Children, The Dragon Charmer and The Witch Queen (Witch's Honour in the uk) - a fun series

    Juliet Marillier's Sevenwaters Trilogy is complete (Daughter of the Forest, Son of the Shaodws, Child of Prophecy) - excellent series

    also someone had a question mark about Guy Kay's Satarine (sp?) Mosiac ...this is a completed duology.

    Sean Russell has several completed duologies that aren't bad...his incomplete series being The One Kingdom.

    Katherine Kerr's Deverry series has one more volume yet to come, or that was the plan I last heard. Her American publisher will pick it up when its finished, but I think she mentioned on her site that they might split it into 2 books? I am a bit confused but will probably get the book from the uk anyway.
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    (Books in between)

    -Rigante Series-

    t'is all for now :'(

    I read 1 book from a series, then read another from a different series, i dont read a while seriews straight through.

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    I read this thread earlier today and I was in a bookstore this evening. I hadn't realized how many fantasy series were out there. A large percentage of the above series must have been written in the last ten years. What started this boom? The success of Jorden?

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    I'd highly recommend the Deathgate Cycle by Weis and Hickman. Excellent, excellent series; light to read, fast, and still deeply thought-provoking without being overwhelmnig or losing its direction.

    - M

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