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    Looking for title

    In this book, a young man's family owns a ranch. Everything seems normal but the ranch raises a subspecies of humans always referred to as "meat" . When a contingent of military people come to town, his family is raped and killed. The boy gets revenge on the rapist (the commander and an old suitor of his mother) by cutting out his eyes, tongue and genitals and leaves him to die. With nothing else to do, he takes a cross country trip.
    The book ends with the hero being captured by the commander he left to die. The hero escapes and finds out his little sister was taken to a science facility back across the country where she is being forced to mate with "meat" (which is a horrible, disgusting, taboo thing).

    There's supposed to be a sequel where the hero goes looking for his sister, but I never read it.

    I read this book in the '70s, so it is ~30 years old.

  2. #2 has fallout feel... if you find out i would like to read it

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    It is a cool book

    I really want to read the sequel. I guess I'll have to spend hours perusing bookstores looking for it.

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