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    Yeah her books are good, its been ages since I read them though so I don't go on that part anymore as I don't think I'd be able to catch up on everything, but even that doesn't seem to be as busy either.

    Ah right, I've heard of the devianArt but not the other one. You must have a wider audience on the art sites and people who know alot more about it as well.

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    I do have some pretty good followings there (about 1000 people between the two sites). Somewhat understandable, as the folks there are looking just for art whereas here the focus is more on writing. It's easier to pick up a following with art (people can just look at it and like or not like it); whereas reading a book takes more time commitment. Aside from Alison, most of the author forums here (mine included) have not made significant headway relative to the general forum threads.

    If you're curious, my deviantArt site is

    That's probably the most complete gallery of my stuff, good bad and in-between. I do have a separate fairy gallery there, selectable from the folders on the left of the screen.

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