This is THE official SPOILER FREE thread to discuss your reaction to The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, the 12th book in The Wheel of Time. We realize some people are faster readers than others and as such, people may finish the book and post here before others have had a chance to acquire and read the book.

We also realize people DON'T want to be spoiled. That is, some folks may want to pop into the thread just to see the reactions the book elicits in people rather than the fate of certain characters.

So please, if you want to discuss the book in this thread, please do not spoil the plot of the book in any way. Don't tell us that, for example, Rand grows a tail, wings and a third eye if those events happen in the book. We set up the other SPOILER discussion thread for that.

Because this is one of the biggest genre book releases of the year (and last few years) we will be very strict about monitoring the use of spoilers.

We don't even want to ask people to use the spoiler tag function in this thread. If you sign up for e-mail notifications, the vBulletin code will NOT translate into the e-mail and we want to try to keep those who wish to be unspoiled left that way.

Again, we want to encourage people to discuss the book at their heart's content while also not damaging the reading experience for others, which is why we set up the two threads for the book. We may eventually merge the two threads after a few months have passed.

One of the mods will come back here on the 27th and open up the thread for discussion. Until then it will be closed.