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    A book I want to finish

    Hi all,

    Joined hoping someone could help me. All I remember about the book was that it was fantasy and used some unique magical elements. In particular it involved a form of magical branding that would take parts of one person and grant it to another. If i remember correctly the parts are beauty(presence?), sight, hearing, metabolism, constitution, voice, maybe strength. Basically a person is branded and a trait is taken and imbued into the other person. However there were limits. With constitution the more you took the slower you became so you had to take metabolism to offset it however metabolism shortened lifespan. Anyway the only other thing I remember is the antagonist. He is basically an Arabic-like prince who conquers areas and anyone taken prisoner is branded and imbued into him. He accumulates so many that he begins to take on godlike powers(shattering walls by yelling at them, mesmerizing people with his looks and voice). Anyway I hope someone knows what this is as I really want to read it again.

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    The Runelords series by David Farland.

    The first in the series is The Sum of All Men which is probably the one you were reading.

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    Sweet thanks for the help now I can finally finish the book.

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