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    Need an author or title....HELP

    I read the most amazing series about 3 years ago. I'm trying to remember what on earth the thing was called, and for the life of me, i'm drawing a blank.
    The general overview (a bit hazy = read it three years ago) is that the main character has a split personality, his alter ego is called Kain...i think. This persona (kain) represents the dark side to the main character = good at killing and destruction. The main character works for the military or government. They are out to stop a group that is drilling for a substance called VLA or LVA, its the future fossil fuel replacement. They are drilling the wells to control earthquakes we find out later. They talk about an explosive that expodes purple called "high J" i think. There is also a supercomputer on the enemy's side that is used to predict the thought patterns of people and predict what they will do next. In the final book, the main chartacters wife dies because he couldn't get a box of healing stuff to her fast i hope this realy bad explanation is good enough to get me somewhere. I have tried every single bookstore and library i can think of... ANY help whatsoever would be immensely appreciated .


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    It's not Heroes Die by Stover is it?

    Or possibly the Chronicles of Amber

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    Quote Originally Posted by DurzoBlint View Post
    It's not Heroes Die by Stover is it?

    Or possibly the Chronicles of Amber

    I checked both of them. not luck. The plot of the books i am reading take place in the future. Thanks again

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