Greetings Scifi community! I'm not really a forum guy but i love science fiction, loved sliders(tv) and all the possibilities, love time travel and alternate worlds specially "what if's", Anyways i decided to start my career as a Director, first film I'm directing is a science fiction (Aliens, Demons, Zombies) Action Comedy and I'm reaching out to every science fiction lover and geek out there to help me fund the movie.

I already have all the catering donated to the production and all the locations are set and wont cost us, the whole Cast and Crew agreed to work on deferred payment, the whole movie is made out of passionate people who want to make or be part of a movie and something bigger than themselves.

I ask of you just to check out the campaign page and if its something you like or interest you share with your network or Pre Order the DVD or the digital download, prices range from 1 dollar for the Digital Download of the film before it officially comes out.

Its a Zombies, Aliens and Demons kinda movie with a secret organization thrown in for fun all wrapped up in a group of geeky teenagers going camping to film UFOs.

The link to the Campaign, all comments and questions welcomed!

Thank you for your time!