Being in to sci-fi/space opera, I have a hunch that you might enjoy a couple of titles being published by Crossgen which fit this category: Sigil, Crux, and Negation. I think it would be easier for you to go check out the trade paperbacks of these rather than have me try to explain the plot to you. Crossgen is doing a lot of stuff outside of the standard superhero genre. They've also got a couple of good fantasy titles (Scion and Sojourn), a mystery title set in a Victorian England-like world (Ruse), a samurai epic (The Path), and a kung-fu HK cinema type title (Way of the Rat). All of these are well written, well drawn, and the inking, coloring, and printing are outstanding.

Good luck to you.

PS The ongoing Star Wars series from Dark Horse is also very enjoyable.