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Thread: Comic Novice

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    I'd recommend the Soulfire Series. A fairly good series, combines fantasy elements and science fiction elements. Id also recommend a series, maybe a four-shot like on of the Marvel Zombies or Batman: Battle of the Cowl.

    There are lots of indie titles that might appeal to you.

    Check out my video reviews for Comics, if your interested. Especially Soulfire.
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    I am interested in reading some comic books (after reading the guards, which I liked), but the problem we have to find out what the storys are complete, and you have to read beyond the first.

    What are the best online review sites where I could find that information?
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    Not quite sure what you mean, but here is a great comic review site.

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    I'm a bit of a comics novice myself, although I've dabbled here and there, mostly prompted by friends' recommendations. I've enjoyed Neil Gaiman's 'Sandman' series, the first few volumes of 'The Walking Dead' and Joss Whedon's run of 'Astonishing X-Men'. Beyond that, however, I'm still pretty clueless.

    Happily, one of the aforementinoed friends has just started a comics podcast, which serves as a useful primer for what's worth picking up and what's best avoided. It sounds like the new run of 'Captain Marvel' might be worth a look! You can find the podcast here: The Cape and The Cowl, Episode 1.

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    Valiant comics (from the nineties anyway; haven't read any new stuff) are my personal all-time favorites alongside the staples Watchmen and the Akira manga series. Some might be hard to find, but there are graphic novels based around some of them, and certain issues (like the first issue of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter) are easy to find thanks to over-production.

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    My favourite comic is I'm MT. Now it has been made into a cartoon. I first watched it in a movie
    game. Share with you:
    Hope you like it.
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    Going off the threads first post, which intimated an inability to go too comic stores, my advice is to download a comic app on your phone or tablet. Comixology is the best choice by far as it offers the widest range of comics on graphic novels for download.

    As for reading choices I'd have to agree with previous posts that put forward Sandman. By far the greatest fantasy comic of all time. Dark, beautiful, tragic and uplifting all in one fell swoop, however, it's not light reading. It's an intense but ultimately rewarding experience.

    For a more light-hearted and contemporary choice I'd like to put forward Chew for consideration. An irreverent take on Cop procedurals, Chew explores a world where eating chicken is outlawed and a new breed of human have food related super powers. It's left-field and brilliant, I've often gotten weird looks on the train from laughing while reading this.

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    So many good suggestions! I think I know what I'm going to tell people I want for my birthday!

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    You can look for other suggestions on The Comic Vine. But one thing recently caught my attention: Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose. Have to find a way to read that some time.

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    Comics to read

    I am a huge DC Comics fan, especially Batman. For someone starting out I would recommend getting a trade paper back (TPB) which is a collection of multiple issues bundled together. This allows you to read an entire story arc for cheaper then separate issues, and to ensure you get them all. Choose a character you really like then find the most recent TPB for them. If you like DC characters (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, etc) then also try Justice League TPB of the New 52. The caution I would give is be selective as this can be an expensive hobby. Stick to main story lines and not extra unrelated stories. I have been collecting since 1994 and still love it. It is lie having a book you love and each month a new chapter comes out. hope this helps, enjoy.

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