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    Question "an interesting classroom experiment"?

    Hello everyone, I have a question:

    What's that science fiction story where a scientist is banned by the government from publishing some ground-breaking physics he's discovered that could change the world. He eventually publishes it in a magazine for teachers under the title "An Interesting Classroom Experiment ... (something)".

    It was quite an old story.



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    I believe the story your refering to is probably "Publish and Perish" by Paul J Nahim. In this story the protagonist is working on his PHD and is working towards cold fusion. His work is classified and he cannot complete his docterate because he cannot be published anywhere until it is published in "Review of High School Experimental Science". The title of the paper is "An interesting classroom demonstration of power from water". The whole story is written as aseries of letters between the protagonist and others. The story I is copyrighted 1978.

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    That's the one! Thankyou AlienLogic.

    I love those simple short stories they had back then.

    Working on *my* phd in an organisation that doesn't always support the free dissemination of ideas makes me feel subversive sometimes, this story captures that perfectly.


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