I currently have only one person editing my work, but in the last few months they've been pretty busy and I feel bad adding to the pile. I've stuck to the one-on-one basis for the ease of it, and I haven't had multiple critiques for some time. I admit I'm afraid of multiple crits because of the possible confusion it may cause me. I also haven't felt comfortable sharing anything online because of fear that someone would take my ideas, and write them better than I could.
My writing, even though it could only be considered a hobby for lack of income, is a deep emotional investment to me. I'm afraid that it'll to out to be garbage to others reading it. I have sewn intricate ideas together trying to make something unique, and I'm afraid it'll fail to show the effort I've put in it.

I read back a couple threads and saw a critique site mentioned, critters.org, and I was considering joining, but I'm not sure. I don't know what to do yet. Any advice? ~Angela