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    Where would one look for someone to collaborate with on writing a story? I think I have a good plot and setting outlined, but my characters and descriptions are shallow.

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    Well, my first suggestion would be to work on your weaknesses. This includes finding a writers group and getting objective criticism. Maybe your descriptions and characters aren't as weak as you suppose. Even if they are, few writers will be willing to work with someone who can only do half the job (or less).

    As for finding a collaborator for your project, I would suggest approaching someone you know, a friend or colleague who also writes--someone you feel comfortable working with on a daily basis over the course of months, and possibly years. Then get a lawyer and draw up a contract stating the terms of the partnership. You'll need to hammer out details like who is responsible for what (exactly), deadlines, distribution of payment, agent/publisher selection, and about a hundred other things.

    In other words, a writing collaboration is a lot of work, much more work than writing a book on your own. But it sounds like what you really want is a ghost writer, someone to write the story you have concocted. Search the web. I'm sure there are listings for ghost writers. Then get a lawyer.

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