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    RWA leads the way...finally.

    The Romance Writers of America guild appears to have finally bowed to the inevitable and changed their eligible publisher definitions to apparently embrace the rest of the publishing world outside of New York - namely the Indies involved with e-book/pod printing. Apparently, as long as you are not a vanity/subsidy press, you are good to go - which means thousands of authors can now bring fresh blood into this guild.

    As an author for an independent publisher, I applaud this guild's decision, and salute those within the RWA who have been pushing to bring their guild into the present age. I hope that those of kindred spirit within the SFFWA will double their efforts to provide the same common sense to their guild.


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    Well actually, they just went back to what they used to do. The Writers of America groups used to be much more inclusive. Not entirely indiscriminate -- self-publishing wasn't counted, but small press usually was. You used to be able to buy an associate membership in SFWA even if you weren't a writer, just a fan. Then they started to get more picky about it. I think part of it was that there was an explosion of small presses in the 1990's, when desktop publishing took off, and they just decided they couldn't sort it all out. The RWA has always been the most inclusive, allowing aspiring romance writers to join as well as published ones, etc. So this isn't really a monumental decision for them. But I agree that it is a good idea.

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