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    Alright... went with venustar, DailyRich, and SallyC.

    That's no dig against you, Fung... I truly believe your piece has the most potential of any in this contest... I just want to see you do it

    One or two more hints and a little clean up and its there...

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    Ooops I almost forgot to vote this month. I have been very distracted by the Olympics and my daughter's 7th Birthday Party (An Alice in Wonderland Theme). This was a tough vote month. I think it was one of the best months I have read.

    That being said I voted for Daily Rich b/c it was well written and had a killer ending. Second vote went to Sterling b/c I thought it was the most exciting piece here and lastly I voted for Mr. Fung b/c it was a challenging piece and completely original. It felt like more then 1200 words that is for sure.

    Good writing all - see you next month. Maybe 6th time will be the charm for me. Ha Ha - A dark lord of the Sith can hope cant he?

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    So, I've been battling the flu all week. Went back to work today. Or should I say lastnight. Midnight shift. (Blech) and now I'm going to bed 'cos I'm dead tired. Which means, I won't wake up in time to give all my comments and stuff. I'm sorry. I'll get them done belatedly, though.

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