Sorry the comments are late, but I did vote on time. Hope some of these comments help.

The Prophecy of Secrets by Brenda Pernack/venustar
I would question the use of a Succubus as a carrier for this plague, but otherwise well written, easy to follow, even the twist/reveal at the end.

A Prophecy Above Sorcery by Michael Morton/Dwagginz
My first thought was; why didn't they just wish that no one with intentions to rule the world would ever find the amulet? But then--kind of. Although wouldn't be easier to just get rid of it completely. You use a lot of extended sentences, which sometimes works, and sometimes is awkward, edit carefully. The thought occurs, how did she know it was two days later?

Tower of Elves by bobnagga
A nice little fantasy tale with a princess, a prince, a wizard, orks, goblins, a dragon ... and even a word of the day. How can you go wrong? I rather enjoyed this one.

The Princess and Fire by Richard Dickson/DailyRich
Okay, the descrition of the princess might have been a little over the top, I had to go back once I realized I was seeing through the dragon's eyes, (maybe if the skin hanging all over her had a hint of color or something) otherwise you have a cute little story here. The plan was a good one, the execution thereof darkly funny. Well written and well played. The only (irrelivant) question I have is what happened last year? And the year before? Did anyone come back at all? What did they do?

The Wizard and Shadows by Carin Marais/marshwriter
Nicely written and obviously well thought out. I would not be surprised to find out this is a part of a larger story. There were a few mispellings, somewhat distracting, and the wizard's language was an interesting touch. Parts of the story feel somewhat familiar.