This was reported on Dark Horizons:

The Forge of God: Variety reports that Warner Bros. has acquired the film rights to Greg Bear's sci-fi novel which "Black Hawk Down" scribe Ken Nolan will pen. Warners hopes to turn this into a trilogy using Bear's sequel "Anvil of Stars" and an as yet unwritten third installment. 'Forge' sounds rather "Independence Day" esque with hostile aliens who've picked up encouraging messages of 'visit Earth' on our various space probes, and decide to take over. The selling point was Nolan's 70-page scriptment, detailling "a complicated invasion filled with an ensemble of characters bent on preventing it". Nolan didn't even get to detail the sequel before Warners snapped it up, 'Anvil' deals with the survivors heading off to the alien homeworld for some payback. Thanks to 'Miqque'

Having read both these books all I can say is I think they'll make fantastic movies if enough money is spent on them FX-wise.

But the really interesting part of this report, for me, is the hint of another instalment from Bear. Bring it on!