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    Thumbs up Greg Bear - Forge of God heading to the big screen + plus sequel to Anvil of Stars...

    This was reported on Dark Horizons:

    The Forge of God: Variety reports that Warner Bros. has acquired the film rights to Greg Bear's sci-fi novel which "Black Hawk Down" scribe Ken Nolan will pen. Warners hopes to turn this into a trilogy using Bear's sequel "Anvil of Stars" and an as yet unwritten third installment. 'Forge' sounds rather "Independence Day" esque with hostile aliens who've picked up encouraging messages of 'visit Earth' on our various space probes, and decide to take over. The selling point was Nolan's 70-page scriptment, detailling "a complicated invasion filled with an ensemble of characters bent on preventing it". Nolan didn't even get to detail the sequel before Warners snapped it up, 'Anvil' deals with the survivors heading off to the alien homeworld for some payback. Thanks to 'Miqque'

    Having read both these books all I can say is I think they'll make fantastic movies if enough money is spent on them FX-wise.

    But the really interesting part of this report, for me, is the hint of another instalment from Bear. Bring it on!

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    Great News!

    At the same time... I hope they don't ruin the book for me...

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    Interesting news indeed...he's one of my favourite authors, and I enjoyed both those books.

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    Bit more detail here - emailed to me on Thursday from Greg's website:

    'Warner Brothers has just negotiated a potential three-picture deal for THE
    FORGE OF GOD, ANVIL OF STARS, and an as-yet unnamed and unwritten third
    novel set in the same timeline.

    Screenwriter Ken Nolan ("Blackhawk Down") prepared a 70-page extended
    treatment, called by some a "scripment," of The Forge of God while working
    with Vince Gerardis of Created By, a Los Angeles management/production
    company that specializes in science fiction. Warner is commissioning two
    screenplays, with provisions for a third.

    Richard Curtis Literary Associates sold the original novels to Tor and
    Warner Publishing and will negotiate any publishing deals for the third

    The deal is excellent, the "scripment" by Ken Nolan is extraordinary and
    very faithful to the novel, and Warner Bros.' enthusiasm and commitment to
    the project is exemplary. The deal was made at the behest of and with the
    total involvement of the highest management at Warner Bros., and was
    completed within one day of negotiation. Warner Bros. has expressed a
    desire to have all the elements in place to begin production as soon as
    possible. A director is not yet attached, but may be soon.

    The goal of this project is ultimately to create a monumental, hard-sf
    motion picture trilogy, dealing with interstellar crime and punishment,
    completing the themes developed in The Forge of God (Tor 1987) and Anvil of
    Stars (Warner Books, 1992).'

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    It's all beginning to sound very promising. The scope of the novels involved, if translated to the screen, should make for awesome movies.

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