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    Refugee Camp 13

    Warning! Incredibly Depressing Hypothetical Situations Alert! Do not read past this point if you do not want to be exposed to an incredibly depressing hypothetical situation that I have come up with that will probably make you wonder what is wrong with me.

    __________________________________________________ ______

    By the time we saw it, it was too late. A big, fast moving planet-killer meteor struck central Mongolia at midnight, precisely. It was noon on the East Coast. As ancient air raid sirens wailed to life around the world, every human on the Earth blacked out - and vanished.

    __________________________________________________ ______

    You wake up in a white room, still wearing the same clothes, where a strangely accented voice tells you that you are on board a ship of the Monocken (Moh-nok-ken). The meteor that smashed into the Earth was sent by one of their own race and they were unable to stop it. Severe ecological damage has taken place that will take decades if not centuries to recover.

    As the voice speaks, pictures are displayed on the wall, showing you the devastation that has swept the Earth. Pictures devoid of people.

    The voice tells you that the Monocken were able to save humanity by bringing you aboard their ships as the devastation started spreading around your world.

    The voice pauses, then says it will give you time to yourself to recover.

    After an hour where the walls totally ignored your screaming and beating of fists on them, the voice returns.

    Five Earth years have passed in hibernation while the Monocken debated what to do with humanity until they could return you to Earth. After consulting with your leaders, it was decided to bring humanity to a nearby Earth-like planet whose inhabitants had destroyed themselves may years before in war.

    To help you survive in this new world, you have been given specialized medical implants to help keep your bodies healthy and any medical defects have been repaired. Diabetics don't have to worry about checking their blood sugar or insulin shots, missing body parts have been regrown, diseases halted, vision/hearing problems fixed and the paralyzed can walk again.

    However, the Monocken will hold onto young children until it is agreed that the humans have settled into their new environment.

    Services on the planet will be limited during the initial resettlement to basic necessities in the various relocation camps (shelter, food, water, basic sanitation, medical services). Everyone also gets a smart phone modified by the Monocken to let you to call anyone on the planet and access basic information. This smart phone will also act as your id and credit card.

    Also, to help you adjust, the Monocken will replicate almost anything that was commercially available on Earth; however you are limited to 200 pounds (90.7 kg) of personal items.

    Welcome, Refugee, to Camp 13.

    __________________________________________________ ______

    There are three alien races in this story -

    Blue-ish gray aliens, humanoid, looking like furless bears. Most of the Monocken you might meet will be wearing spacer whites jumpsuits, while ground crews prefer green tunics and leather kilts, often with a tool belt. A few Monocken elders wear the bureaucratic blue jackets and formal kilts. They possess very advance technology.

    Approximately five foot tall, very human except for their pointed ears, they look like Elves. They're also refugees and share this world with humans, work reluctantly with the Monocken and possess some advance tech, mostly older tech salvaged from the ruins and their employers.

    Short, stocky bearded humaniods, the tallest might make 4 foot in height and hate being called dwarves. They live in comfortable caves they've carved out of mountains and hills. The first group of refugees from another world long ago saved by the Monocken but rarely work with them. Often the few Dvergar who will are outcasts.
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    A 3 x 3 foot crate. Everything you own is stuffed in a 3 x 3 foot crate, except the clothing on your back. No weapons, they wouldnít let you have one. You asked, but the voice simply said Ďnoí, from a pistol on down to a dagger. You remember asking for a Tomahawk missile. The voice had no sense of humor.

    The box is sitting next to a cot, presumably yours, in an otherwise empty gray walled room not much larger than a walk-in closet. This suggests communal facilities nearby. You donít remember the trip down, donít even remember getting to your feet. The white room still looms in memory. 5 long years, but thatís over now, so the voice said. How you kept your sanity in the seclusion is a miracle. Then again, are you sane? How would you know...

    Refugee Camp 13 is supposedly beyond the door. You tested it first thing, finding it unlocked. You didnít open it, you werenít ready. You stand at the door, listening. Nothing. Are you ready to open it and face something other than yourself for the first time in longer than you dare reflect?

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    Twide glanced over at the transporter and nudged Twadu, pointing at the flashing light.

    "First one," his brother sighed, pulling out his comm. Moments later, the Camp Manager was staring at him from the tiny screen.

    "What is it, Twadu?" Hie'ra rumbled in Grk.
    "Boss, one in box. You come here quick."
    "Already? Those idiots said they'd call first! I'll be right over."
    "You bringing 'Joce'?"

    The Monocken paused, then nodded. "Protocol. And Dela."
    "Dela?!" Twide grinned, wiggling his eyebrows.
    "Be gentle you two. This human's been in hybernation for five years and just brought out of it today, so try not to panic them if they come out."
    "Ok boss," Twadu nodded, disconnecting. He gave Twide a look and shook his head.

    "Boss he say no scare human, he come right away."
    "You think Humans know yet?" Twide spat.
    "No. We didn't. Vaeter didn't. Why Hu-man be different?"

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