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    May/June '10 SF BOTM: Blindsight by Peter Watts

    Discussion is now open for Blindsight, our first SF Book Club book in a long, long while. I decided to start a new thread rather than just bring the old one back, as we're pretty much a completely new book club. Most of the old guard has moved on in one way or another. Let's see how interesting a discussion we can have here.

    I'll probably link to the old discussion later on. Also, for those who don't have the book, I understand it's available free in ebook form. I found it here: , though I'm sure it's out there in other places.


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    Here's an epub version if anybody wishes to download it:

    Looking forward to the discussion!
    May you not be spoiled by spoilers!
    I'll be starting on the book this weekend....

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    Well, I've never actually took part in one of these before. But I definitely had a fun time with this book.

    Just wanted to put out some of my impressions before this discussion really gets going.

    First off, characterization is a big thing for me, and the characters in this story were great. They each have certain...less than human characteristics- some physical, others psychological- yet these "less than human" aspects often acted merely to highlight their humanity. One moment I found to be particularly great was when Siri was remembering When Chelsea was dying. He was avoiding her because he didn't know what to say, so he was researching, trying to find the "rules" or "formula" for how to talk to a dying loved one. This was such an utterly human and universal moment, the confusion and inability to express his feelings to his dying friend/ex-lover.

    Even Sarasti was given a human aspect throughout the novel, particularly at the end. Just great job creating likable, enticing, sympathetic characters.

    On an unrelated note, I also found the notion of non-sentient intellligence to be very intriguing. I wonder if that idea has ever been explored in fiction before?

    Anyway, I found this to be a very well-written, intelligent, and at times mind-blowing novel. The science (from my layman's point of view) was deep and technical, but always explained in such a way as to make it understandable. The psychology was effective and poignant, and the philosophy was interesting and thought-provoking. I would probably give this book an A-.

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    I finished this last week and loved it. It's probably the best hard SF novel published over the past decade that I've read. The aliens are of the very alien kind, the humans of the deeply modified and yet still recognizably human sort. And it has vampires, in a nice scientifically plausible form. My only caveat would be for those who only like upbeat fiction - this isn't for you.

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    Tulsa, I could not get your link to work.

    I found Blindsight interesting. quick read.

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    This link help, Robbie?

    (Drop down menu for the version you want.)

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