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    Books that are mind benders like the movie Inception...

    anyone know any books that might be similar/"mind bendy" for lack of better words..maybe I should post it in the sci fi forums, but I figured I would try here first thanks

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    Is There Life After Death cheating the Ferryman, by Anthony PeakeIt is not a novel, and there is nothing new agy about this book, in spite of the title.
    Basically, the author use the latest researches in neurology, near-death studies, etc to demonstrate that the soul or the mind transmigrates at the moment of death, to relive the same life or nearly, in another universe, and over and over. It sounds a bit far fetched, but Anthony Peake has used hard science and research convincingly to argument his idea. Just google Anthony Peake, if you want to have a look for yourself.
    It is quite mind-boggling and his theories have some indeas in common with Inception.

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    Hal Duncan's Vellum and its sequel Ink.

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    Philipp Dick's work is the obvious choice here, mind bending and layers of reality were his favourite themes.

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    'The End of Mr. Y' by Scarlett Thomas. The ideas in the novel is akin to that of the movie Inception.

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