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    Has this forum died a death

    Just wanted to ask if this forum has died a death. I used to come here relatively often, admittedly about a year ago. But still, for those times, thanks guys.

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    I remember you. *hugs* Have some lettuce jelly!

    No. We still have about 3-10 posts a day, but that's a lot less than we had a few years ago. I remember getting 14 notifications every few days. Now, I get about 2 or 3 a day.

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    hehe thanks, old times eh....*looks off into distance*

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    We're not dead yet! But now that The Singing's out, there's a lot less speculation we can do,so there's less to talk about. Also, lots of us have much more schoolwork and less time for the forum these days . . .

    Still, this place remains pretty awesome.

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    Yes, that description thar pretty much sums it up.

    Though it does make me wonder; why do we not continue to speculate? Although the Books have finished, the largest adventure that spans the most time is all that comes afterwards. I suppose people might think, 'isn't that what fanfiction's for'? But most people aren't willing to write a detailed fanfic when they could just as easily chatter. So I suppose I'm wondering why said chatter isn't going on. I mean, there are a lot of questions! What Schools do Maerad and Cadvan visit? Do they ever get married? What about the details of the relationship between Saliman and Hekibel? We only saw the beginnings of it even at the end of The Singing. So much to think about! Alison has spun us crazy fans a hell of a world. Wow... borderline rant. I'm scared of myself now. Byeee.

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    May I suggest joining in the rest of the forum? You can discuss any fantasy author you want, and it's pretty active!

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