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    Similarities Between Second Apocalypse and Dragon Age?

    Just been discussing this on TVTropes.

    There're quite a few similarities between Dragon Age and the Second Apocalypse, namely a combination of certain recurring themes (mages being damned and persecuted by the temple, chaotic evil hordes of bone white monsters, Christianity-esque religion etc) and the tone and mood of both works being very, very similar.

    I was just wondering how you guys felt about this, and if any of you had noticed this after playing / reading both of them? A few of these things could be coincidence, but all together I doubt it.

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    Given that I am replaying Dragon Age AND re-reading the PoN trilogy, I can attest to certain similarities.

    1. Andraste is a Christ figure and the truth of her divine nature can be disputed within the story of the game, just as the divine nature of Inri Sejunus can be disputed in Earwa.

    2. The Fade resembles the Outside in some fashion, although no mortal being on Earwa has the capacity to step between.

    3. The Gray Wardens are sworn to track down evil and drink Darkspawn blood which gives them visions and dreams, similar to Seswatha's Heart for the Mandate.

    4. Magic is regulated in a similar fashion and mages are ridiculously powerful in DA as well (glass cannons, but this is a D&D trope more than anything).

    Dragon Age takes inspiration from a lot of sources, including Tolkein which was obviously a major influence on Bakker. The similarities are not too terribly surprising when you consider the archetypes and tropes common to fantasy. My main interest is in seeing how Bakker and the writers of DA subvert those tropes. In DA, any subversion is (so far) subtle, with hints that Andraste is in fact real and good. Bakker runs in the opposite direction, and any 'truth' about good/evil is completely obfuscated, which is why Achamian is such a compelling character.

    I can't wait for White-Luck Warrior.

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