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    Recommendations please :)

    Right the fantasy books I have read and enjoyed so far in my voyage into fantasy are assassins apprentice, the spooks apprentice series the keys to the kingdom series dragonsflight and the dragonlance books so what other fantasy would I enjoy (In your opinion)

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    If you haven't read them then I wholeheartedly suggest you read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

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    Well personally my favorite series is George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. If you enjoyed Assassin's Apprentice why not read the rest of the Farseer trilogy, and Robin Hobb's other trilogies such The Liveship Traders and The Tawny Man.

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    You've been here long enough to know about all the recommendation threads. You know we get a lot of "what can I read next" threads on just about a daily basis. We find that such posts usually get the same response. Actually looking at what's already on the Web site or utilizing our SEARCH function will usually answer most people's requests. Perhaps it is uncommon, but we like people to have a look around rather than just demand (even if it's polite!) immediate gratification for their own personal needs.

    With such a large and complex site it can be difficult to see everything going on, admittedly. But if people think that there's answers out there they will point people in the general direction.

    So, rather than people coming here and repeating the recommendations they've provided in other threads, I'll direct you to some of those threads:

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    All that having been said, I'm closing this thread.

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