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    What are you reading now?

    I'm new here.I don't know what to say.So I copy my post on other forum.
    Most things you bought from online are still books. Now I put this topic to let all of you tell others what you are reading now. Simply, you can just tell the name of the book or the review. Focus on the book you are reading or just finish.
    I come first.
    “China's Cultural Relics” Start reading today. I read it on my way to work or back home on bus. Expecting to finish this week.
    If I have time, I will spend time reading.
    “Dear John” finished yesterday.
    “Health Care at Home a Family Massage Manual” finished this morning.
    “Insights into Chinese Culture” will be purchased.
    “China's Cultural Relics” will be finished as soon as possible.
    This was bought from book-wholesale. I like Chinese culture. So these books I always prefer to buy them. About 40 percent discount can be accepted. If you guys found the book that with 40 percent discount, please tell me. (Refer to the recent books, 05 years ago, many were bought.).These two books I recommend to all of you. The very detailed introduced. With rich pictures. Featuring the distinctive heights of Chinese culture. I like chapter 3 about Bronze Ware and chapter 8 about Gold and Silver Artifacts.
    I had read “The Help” a few weeks earlier. These stories of the black maids working for white women in the state of Mississippi of the 60s have an insiders' view of child-rearing, Junior League benefits, town gossip, and race relations. Miss Skeeter she became my favorite character.
    Be stimulated by lower prices for “The Help” on book-wholesale. I decide to look electronic edition of the books that I want to buy. Lucky to find half of them. It saves $10
    I will update from time to time later, friends are requested to keep abreast of it, thank you.

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    Nobody paid attention to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Janney View Post
    Nobody paid attention to me.
    welcome to the forum Janney.
    You probably missed the BIG sticky thread at the top of this page where everybody posts what they are currently reading, so there was no need to start a new thread.
    also this part of the forum is quieter than the fantasy and sf pages

    have fun!

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    Indeed! It's not uncommon for topics to go days, perhaps weeks or months in some cases, without replies. There's no reason to think this topic's been overlooked, as it would have displayed for everyone on the "posts since last visit" list. at some point.

    This is a SF/Fantasy forum, and as such general fiction isn't commonly talked about past a "What are you reading?" level.

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    Ref:What are you reading now?

    I have just finished reading "The Staff of Destiny" the first book on the Witch of Zandor series and now reading the "The Warrior Witch" the second book of that series.

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