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    thats a great name, nice one. how far into technology do we want the panmortians to go?

    My own preference would be as low tech as possible; long distance communication by telegraph lines/morse code, a network of small gage railroads with steam powered locomotives, river commerce by paddle-wheel/sail steamers, and perhaps very fragile glider type flyers powered by a sputtering internal combustion engine... everything would be first generation, unreliable and not very pretty.

    For the most part Panmortium would still be an agrarian society, with all the superstitions/ignorance and charm one would expect. I guess if you imagined America between 1800-1850 that would be similar.

    Again, this is just my own preference I'll toss out there; I think it might be cool if we stayed clear of English themed Magic/Steampunk and went for a more neoclassical look, sort of like stepping back to Classical Antiquity and lending them some industrial know-how.
    After all, most of our Western Culture, including Christianity, are built on Greek philosophy and ideals. Our modern approach to science and discovery is rooted in Hellenistic advancements.
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