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    I think, honestly, there is a case as well that things that become popular lose their likeable element. So, if they are of a... Standard/average quality they go down a notch. So if they're high they become meh, and if poor they become hated.

    The number of people I know who liked the first and second and third Harry Potter, then when it turned into something huge suddenly hated it was amazing. I also think if something like Twilight didn't get big, I wouldn't mind it so much. It would be that dull smut book, not that horrific butchering of literature.

    The same for Lotr, people hate it for the sake of not being in the masses. Lets all sound intellegant.

    Do I really need to spoon feed you sources? If we ignore the teenage girls and twilightmoms, all though some of them actually seem intellegant and still praise the book without logical reasons being stated. I'm talking about mainstream media. Can I also point out that because Twilight was in the example does not mean it is the sole book I am talking about.
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