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    I can`t afford to buy every book I want to read, nor do I have the space in a one-bedroom apartment shared by my husband and I (the poor guy is not a bibliophile and doesn`t want to get drowned in books).

    I will only buy the occasional hardcover because I find them expensive and heavy. I like trade paperbacks best for buying. If a book comes out in hardcover, I usually wait for it to come in paperback or hit the library.

    I keep a running want list on and before I buy any books, I check my library to see if they have it. If its hardcover, 90% of the time they do, so I borrow it instead.

    I cut down my book buying considerably this way, although I still buy most of the paperbacks I am interested in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solicitous View Post
    Not sure which part of the world you are in, but if you're in the US newegg regularly have ereaders discounted heavily below $100 (I think the lowest has been $70). Then again the new Kindle starts at $139 (bargain price for what you get IMHO, mine is ordered).

    I don't borrow books, I buy. Due to our lack of free space I buy ebooks now and only buy paperbacks of special books I want. My general reading is ebooks now.
    I think I prefer the Nook because it has page numbers and I can see the color covers when browsing. I'm willing to give the Kindle a chance though and when it hits the price point I want or I just break down and buy one, I'll check on Target and B&N to test them both out.

    The library is awesome, and I use it to for new authors/works I am not sure if I am going to like or not. It's also great for non-fiction books.

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    Over the years, I have spent a huge amount of money on books, then donated or traded them in an bought more.

    I have an entire wall in my living room that is nothing but books. For a time, I was collecting hardcover editions of my favorite books/series, but now I am rethinking it.

    I do reread favorite series over and over again like Zelazny's Amber, Moon's Vatta, and Bujold's Vorkosigan series, so it makes sense to own them.

    But, from a pure reading perspective I find hardcovers are awkward to hold and don't travel well. More and more, I am making do with paperbacks.

    The exception is I have picked up a few leatherbound books such as some of the Easton Press ones. These are gorgeous and look great on the shelf, but I read the paperback versions, not them.

    I don't buy ebooks yet, but I have a number of free ones on my iPhone I use when traveling which works great. I may pick up an iPad in future and may look at buying more ebooks then.

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    I try to stick to a list and only purchase paperbacks on the list. I attempt to be as choosy as possible and supplement it with the library. However in spite of reservations now being free, that is not as good as it was and some books always slip through

    Unwanted books used to be cleared through a second hand book shop, but that has now gone. I could give them to charity shops, but they are now full and less willing to take them A few have gone through eBay, but most don't sell. It is now often the easiest way to depose of unwanted books to chop them up and put them in the recycling bins for paper and cardboard. Heresy I know and not doubt somebody is preparing the stake and faggots for me, but there is only so many books I can house and supply on the second hand market is greater than demand.

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    I get almost everything at the library. I can't afford to buy every book I want to read (given I read 2+ books per week). If the library doesn't have it, I buy it only if it's in paperback. Otherwise, I wait til the library gets it, it goes on sale, or it's printed in paperback.

    I also use bookmooch a lot. I might make a separate post about this--very great resource.

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    I'm running in to this problem. We are having to clear out our office to convert into another bedroom soon and there are too many books that are just getting put into boxes now. I can't let them go either. My wife and I both love to read so we have a lot of books.

    We are seriously considering getting a kindle or nook and while I was against it at first now I'm leaning towards it just to save on space!

    We also use to request books and that has been helpful, i read the whole dark tower series this year without having to actually buy a single one.

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    Does anyplace let you rent books?

    Libraries are great to a point. Totally free where I live. Two week checkouts on books, free internet (sensored of course). And my local one even has a coffee bar and comfortable chairs where you can actually eat, drink, and read.
    The thing about libraries is that they normally only carry 1 copy of most books. If it's a newer book with any kind of large fan following you can find yourself waiting months and more months to get it.
    It was 7 months before I finally got my hands on JV Jones: A Sword from Red Ice. . Glad I waited for it instead of buying it. Was a disappointing read.

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