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    Roland - I have read most of Deans books from the 80's and 90's (all the good ones) He may be a bit formulaic but he still thrills very well. Try Phantoms (excellent horror), Lightning is just brilliant, Midnight is very good, The Servants of Twilight is also very good with a lot of action that does not deter from the story. The Voice of the Night is chilling. Watchers is probably a classic IMO and very awesome too. You won't be dissappointed with his older books but his new ones can be a bit iffy, just check up on them first before you decide, because DK has changed his writing style somewhat. I also forgot The Bad Place is also very good and quite original IMO

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    Don't forget that the description of the man is fairly similar to what Dean Koontz looks like in his photo at the back of the book, and the woman almost always sleeps in a t-shirt / tank top and panties. At least that is what I recall
    Hehe, and the dogs he writes about are always highly intelligent look at Watchers.

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    While I did like Odd Thomas (but not the sequels to it) and Life Expectancy because of the offbeat, funny, and interesting characters I too remember Koontz's early work as better novels and far more traditional 'horror'.

    Can anyone else honestly admit that they found Dean Koontz for the very first time because they were at a book store or library looking for something by Stephen King and noticed Koontz there? This is most certainly how I found Dean Koontz. In fact, I think I was failing to find King when I wandered upon Koontz and also Brian Lumley's Necroscope series. I was was looking for more Lumley when I found Robert McCammon's stuff. Maybe this is just the natural benefit for an author whose name is simply close to the name of a better known writer. It can only be a good thing.

    One last memory of Koontz/King... Anyone see that silly Family Guy episode where Peter is driving and hits a pedestrian on the side of a country road? (recalling the incident poorly, not quoting directly) The guy laying in the road says he is a horror fiction writer. Peter fearfully asks if he is Stephen King. The guys says, "No. I'm Dean Koontz". So Peter runs over him again as he drives away. Dean "Can't get no respect" I guess.

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    Like many other responses I also have a read a lot of his books, but found that after a while the plots became too similar and now I just don't read his newer novels.

    But yes, loved some of his earlier ones, with Watchers and Lightning being favourites.

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    I've read all his books. Not that I'm a huge fan, but my mom used to work in a greyhound bus depot and would bring home boxes of paperbacks every month, that I'd sift through. Koontz was always in abundance.
    Hands down; The Corner of his Eye is his best.

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