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Thread: Pon mmorpg?

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    Pon mmorpg?

    I realize you are likely not a fan of Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Games(s) (games such as WoW, lotro, or ddo), but I was wondering, all the same, if you have been approached or have thought about PON becoming a mmorpg?

    If you haven't, why not?
    If you have, what classes or design elements have you thought about?

    For myself, I would love to see a game a beautiful as lotro (lord of the rings online) so I can explore Earwa fully. I'd like an open (sandbox) type game, where the player can do whatever they like, set just before Moenghus comes to power and before the second apocolypse (with the war, moenghus and kellhus coming in later expansions).

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    I would be on this like a possum on a persimmon.
    I love to pvp. Played Shadowbane from 2004-2009 and Age of Conan for about 6 months.
    It would have the best magic system bar none. Of course I would be a Scylvendi or Thunyeri. Possibly a Zeumi sword dancer. It would be phenomenal.

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    Ew, MMOs...

    I don't think Eärwa would be a good setting for a traditional D&D-esque roleplaying game, mainly because magic would be broken (if the mechanics were to be faithful to the books). Even sorcerers of lower schools like the Mysunsai have powers that are ridiculous compared to non-casters, and don't get me started on the power disparity between schools. I honestly feel sorry for even the poor schlubs holding Chorae... they get targeted for annihilation first.

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