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    Whats more confusing, Malazan Series or Prince of Nothing trilogy

    I am going to start a new book, and I heard that both are kinda confusing, and was going to go with whatever people around here think is the lesser confusing out of two. Any advice?

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    Malazan is a lot more confusing, but also a lot more fun. Not to say Bakker isn't good as well, just a lot grittier with a lot more philosophy.

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    Malazan is waaaaaay more confusing. At times this is a fun quality, it gives you that swept away feeling, and at other times, it can be no fun at all as something seemingly super important happens and you say to yourself: "what the hell just happened, and who the hell is that person it just happened to?"

    I'd give Bakker's stuff the nod.

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    Hmmmm...I very much prefer the Malazan over the Prince of Nothing series. BUT: Malazan is much more complex than Prince of Nothing. So, I'd have to recommend you to go with Bakker. Feels weird though...



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    It depends upon what you mean by "confusing." In terms of story and plot structure then Malazan is a lot more confusing, at least at first. It took me about 150 pages to get into Gardens of the Moon and have a strong sense of what was going on--I've heard it takes some folks a book or two (why they keep reading, I don't know!). Prince of Nothing is more philosophical, especially from the main viewpoint character Drusus Achamian, so if you find that sort of thing confusing then I wouldn't go there. But the basic plot of Prince of Nothing is relatively straight forward, there are just a lot of subtleties and extended passages of philosophical angst and pathos .

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    Malazan is by far the more confusing, mainly because it contradicts itself all the time, with later installments overwriting history again and again.

    Bakker is not confusing at all, in any way. That is, if one can read and think at the same time, which I've always found to be a wonderful ability to have...

    I'd go for Bakker. Unlike Erikson, he delivers on his promises. Also - finished .Always a big plus.

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