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That's why I am saying that all these kindle freebies that people fall for is a marketing trick. There are no good books among them.
I always tell people who choose what ebook reader to buy not to pay attention to the number of freebies a particular provider gives away. They are mostly rubbish.
Very much not true, at least if your including the new/indie author freebies. If you read 10 free kindle books by new/indie authors (I've ready maybe 15 or so) with an average user rating of 4.5 stars or better, good chance you will really like 1 or 2 enough to give it 5 stars. Most of them I find to be just ok, 3 star books to me. Rarely, I cant finish/get into a book, but that isnt common since I only read the highly rated ones. Its like mining for gold. It may or may not be worth it, but there is gold to be found.