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    Happy Halloween Everybody!!!

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    Thanks, all. I had fun working on this; it was an enjoyable break from the day job and household concerns. Going back through my collections and anthologies lead to some pleasurable rereading of stories before I dared say anything about them.

    I hope everyone had a good Halloween.

    Randy M.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hobbit
    If I remember right, Lady of Darkness was a World Fantasy Award Winner
    Quote Originally Posted by Randy M.
    That is a fine review, Banger, you're pushing me to reread Our Lady of Darkness, since it's been about 30 years. (And it was a World Fantasy Award winner, one of the first.)
    You know what would have been cool? If I had actually mentioned this fact in my review. After all, people just might be interested in knowing that the novel won a major award, and the words "Winner of the World Fantasy Award" are written across the cover of the freaking book.

    Okay, I updated my review to remedy this glaring omission

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    What I find particularly strange about Our Lady Darkness is that it was reissued so recently (this year) after being issued as a two-in-one with Conjur Wife titled Dark Ladies in 1999. Either way, a terrific book.

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