Figured I'd start another suggestion/recommendation topic, but with a bit of a twist of thinking.

This topic will be a place to compare different books or series that you have read with series or books that explore similar themes or tropes of the fantasy genre.

I guess the best way to describe what the purpose of this topic is is to give a few examples.

If you like the other-wordly magic, book-within-a book type story of The Little Country by Charles de Lint, you might like the dark, subtle magic of a book-within-a-bookness of Jonathan Carroll's Land of Laughs.

If you enjoyed Orson Scott Card's magic-ing and re-imagining of early America in The Tales of Alvin Maker you might like J. Gregory Keyes' Age of Unreason. Both series take an interesting look at the early days of America and employ an intersting dichotomy of good v. evil

So, let's see what everybody else can come up with.

C'mon, be a bit more creative than if you like Brooks then try Feist!

One of the two books/series compared has to be fantasy though, other than that type away!