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    Seeking somewhat obscure 90s fantasy novel

    I tended to read my brother's cast-offs growing up in the 90s, but he doesn't remember this one and I'm dying to find out what it is. Unfortunately my own recollection is a bit sketchy. It's worth a try though!

    Basic set-up: a woman from the reader's time ends up in a fantasy setting. She has the ability to use the setting's magic, which involves weaving somehow. A native woman, also a mage, is jealous of how quickly the transplant picks up magic (although as I recall they are peers, not enemies). At one point, the transplant is stabbed in the shoulder by a spearman. She is able to heal herself well enough to stop the bleeding.

    I know it's not much, but I've exhausted Google and my librarian's database recommendations. Help!


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    Could it be J.V. Jones' The Barbed Coil? It's been a while since I read it but the main character is from our world and the magic involves patterns so possibly weaving.

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    It reminds me a bit of the Isavalta Trilogy (book 1 is A Sorcerer's Treason) of Sarah Zettel.

    The heroine (who lived near the sea, in a lighthouse, I think) ends up in a fantasy world and uses a sort of weave magic.

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    I know it's been a while, but did the protagonist wind up in that world with a sister and nephew (and maybe a car)? I'm having trouble remembering a series that sounds similar. I remember she had a thing for turkish-style coffee... I'm wondering if we're in search of the same novel/series. If these details sound familiar, maybe it'll help illicit a response! I remember reading the series at my local public library years ago... I've gone back recently in hopes I might find it again, but it's long gone!

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    I thought A Barbed Coil but she draws the patterns on parchment rather than weaving...

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    could be Ru Emerson's Night Threads series.

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    Smile Thanks rlp!

    Quote Originally Posted by rlp View Post
    could be Ru Emerson's Night Threads series.
    I was disappointed at first, as I didn't recognize the covers I found, but now I've had a chance to really look around, and your post was the answer all this time, thanks, so much! Ru Emerson's Night Threads series is the series I was looking for! Now I have a chance to reread it!

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