Just a bit of fun.

Probably minus the fun, though...

Not a great add, eh?

I am just looking to write a little fun fantasy story with you guys. You make the world, characters, enemies, plot, relasionships, magic system, etc.

I'm only going to give you one sentence for background: It's a medievil-based world. We begin in one country - Knights and Nobles, y'know? - but heck, we might go to another, a more asian culture, or Middle Eastern, etc.

There are two rules.

Maximum of ten sentences per post.

No portal-fantasy. It makes me ill. No sneakily slipping in portals either, through magic, voids, mirrors, black holes, explosions, alchemy, MEGASUPERDEMONS or DUST. Thanks.

I feel classic and I hope to cater to other people... feeling classic.