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    What is the name of this book

    I read a book (or maybe a short story) many years ago.

    The premise was a race of aliens that actually lived inside a star. They had incredibly short life spans but lived in a speeded up world. The story revolved around humans trying to study this race and the huge difference in time spans for each race.

    I've had a sudden hankering to read it again but I can't remember the author or the name of the book.

    Anyone know it?

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    Depending on how accurate your recollection is.......

    Flux by Stephen Baxter?

    Not aliens, modified humans living on a neutron star, living at extreme speed.

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    This sounds like Robert Forward's classic novel Dragon's Egg, which also has a sequel Starquake.
    If you like this you might also like Hal Clement's novels, such as Mission of Gravity.

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    Dragon's Egg is the one. Thanks for the replies. I am looking forward to reading it again after 20 years.

    Flux is a different story along similar lines by the sound of it. I'll check that out as well.

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