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    Thumbs up The Arthur Frayn Memorial 'Every SF Book You Read This Year' thread 2009

    A few years ago, member Arthur Frayn (who isn't around much now) started a similar thread to this one. It was surprisingly popular so I like to repeat it each year

    We're looking for long lists of SF books and authors, including ratings or other comments if you like. Some of us do keep a sort of reading diary and I'll post mine a bit later. There's no prize for the longest list, other than our undying respect of course!

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    Hmm, SF is lower on my priority list, but I did get around to it this year. I did read Hamilton's Reality Dysfunction. I also read Hogan and del Toro's The Strain, but not sure if that gets qualified as SF.

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    Looks like I didn't actually read much scifi this year.

    From my goodreads list:

    The Road - Cormac McCarthy - 2/5
    Under the Dome - Stephen King - 3/5
    Jon Shannow Trilogy - David Gemmell - 3/5
    Odyssey - Jack McDevitt - 2/5
    Ark - Stephen Baxter - 4/5
    Old Soldiers - David Weber - 2/5
    Moonstruck - Edward M Lerner - 3/5
    Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger - 3/5
    Flood - Stephen Baxter - 3/5
    The Strain - Guillermo Del Toro - 2/5
    Sphere - Michael Crichton - 2/5
    Fragment - Warren Fahy - 3/5
    1634: The Baltic War - David Weber - 2/5
    Star Risk Ltd. - Chris Bunch - 2/5
    Heritage Trilogy - Ian Douglas - 3/5
    Code to Zero - Ken Follett - 3/5
    First Strike - Eric S. Nylund - 3/5
    The Fall of Reach - Eric S. Nylund - 3/5

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    A very respectable list, Toma. So your favourite read of the year was Ark by Baxter?

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    Here are my SF(+F +H) reads of 2009. An average year for me in terms of books read (yes, I'm a ponderous reader).

    Titles in green I did not particularly like.
    Titles in black I enjoyed.
    Titles in red I really loved.

    A Case of Conscience - James Blish
    The Saliva Tree (novella) - Brian Aldiss
    The Dream Archipelago - Christopher Priest
    Light - M John Harrison
    Blood Music - Greg Bear
    The Caves of Steel - Isaac Asimov
    The Bridge - Iain Banks
    Real Time World - Christopher Priest
    Emphyrio - Jack Vance
    Watership Down - Richard Adams
    The Drowned World - JG Ballard
    Lord Foul's Bane - Stephen Donaldson
    Pollen - Jeff Noon
    The Jennifer Morgue - Charles Stross
    The Stand - Stephen King
    Solaris - Stanislaw Lem
    The Affirmation - Christopher Priest (re-read)
    I am the Cheese - Robert Cormier
    Moreau’s Other island - Brian Aldiss
    The Dragon Under the Hill - Gordon Honeycomb
    The Cyberiad - Stanislaw Lem
    Grinny - Nicholas Fisk

    My favourite read of the year was Christopher Priest's subtly brilliant linked collection, The Dream Archipelago.

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    Here are all the books I've read this year, Sci Fi first followed by other genres, although you could argue that some of the sci-fi ones should be listed with fantasy, but that depends on how you view them So far I've clocked 65 reads this year, which I'm very pleased with, although I've got books sitting on the shelf that I've wanted to read but not got around to. I'm even more pleased that over half of these were released in 2009, a huge improvement over previous years.

    Sci Fi
    Splinter by Adam Roberts
    Ragamuffin by Tobias Buckell
    Shadow of the Scorpion by Neal Asher
    Predator South China Sea by Jeff VanderMeer
    InfoQuake by David Louis Edelman
    Earth Ascendant by Sean Williams
    Foundation by Isaac Asimov
    Daemon by Daniel Suarez
    Solaris New SF 3
    Journey Into Space by Toby Litt
    Doctor Who The Story of Martha by Dan Abnett
    Eon by Greg Bear
    Galactic Empires edited by Gardner Dozois
    This Is Not A Game by Walter Jon Williams
    The Forever War by Joe Haldeman
    Twisted Metal by Tony Ballantyne
    Sly Mongoose by Tobis Buckell
    Torchwood The House That Jack Built by Guy Adams
    The Accord by Keith Brooke
    Death's Head Maximum Offense by David Gunn
    The Grand Conjunction by Sean Williams
    Nylon Angel by Marianne de Pierres
    Heroes of the Space Marines edited by Nick Kyme
    Torchwood Bay of the Dead by Mark Morris
    Xenopath by Eric Brown
    Wrath of the Lemming Men by Toby Frost
    Zoe's Tale by John Scalzi
    Orbus by Neal Asher
    Judas Unchained by Peter F Hamilton
    Death's Head Day of the Damned by David Gunn
    Nova War by Gary Gibson
    Orphan's Destiny by Robert Buttner
    Retibution Falls by Chris Wooding
    The Gunslinger by Stephen King
    Tau Zero by Poul Anderson
    Emperor's Mercy by Henry Zou
    Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
    Winter Song by Colin Harvey
    Fast Ships, Black Sails edited by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer
    The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King
    Makers by Cory Doctorow
    Mindstar Rising by Peter F Hamilton
    Cadian Blood by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
    Hyperion by Dan Simmons
    Mirror Space by Marianne de Pierres
    Diving Into The Wreck by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
    Red Claw by Philip Palmer
    Sundiver by David Brin
    War of the Soulites by Natasha Bennett
    Star Wars Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber
    Cosmopath by Eric Brown
    Ender in Exile by Orson Scott Card

    Urban Fantasy
    Black Magic Woman by Justin Gustainis
    Evil Ways by Justin Gustainis
    Storm Front by Jim Butcher

    The Painted Man by Peter V Brett
    The City and The City by China Mieville
    The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
    Act of Will by AJ Hartley
    The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett
    The Red Wolf Conspiracy by Robert VS Redick
    The Rats and the Ruling Sea by Robert VS Redick

    The Birthing House by Christopher Ransom

    The Everlost by Neal Shusterman
    Monster Republic by Ben Horton
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    I loved these:

    The Gone-Away World – Nick Harkaway
    Gunpowder – Joe Hill (novella)
    Muse of Fire – Dan Simmons (novella)

    I'm a big Stephen King fan but I was really disappointed by Under the Dome. It's the worst book I've read in years, from anyone.

    I don't read much SF, apparently.

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    Let's see:

    Brian W. Aldiss: Non-Stop, Hothouse, Supertoys Last All Summer Long, H.A.R.M.
    Neal Asher: The Shadow of the Scorpion
    Iain M. Banks: Consider Phlebas, The Player of Games, Use of Weapons, The State of the Art
    John Birmingham: Designated Targets, Final Impact, Without Warning
    Rob Grant: Incompetence
    Peter F. Hamilton: The Reality Dysfunction, The Neutronium Alchemist, The Naked God, A Second Chance at Eden
    Mary Gentle: Ash: A Secret History
    Christopher Priest: The Affirmation, A Dream of Wessex
    Alastair Reynolds: Terminal World
    Kim Stanley Robinson: Galileo's Dream
    Robert J. Sawyer: FlashForward
    Patrick Tilley: Cloud Warrior, First Family, Iron Master, Blood River, Death-Bringer, Earth-Thunder

    The best one would be down between The Reality Dysfunction, THe Affirmation and Terminal World, which is already staking its claim as the best SF&F book of 2010.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ropie View Post
    Here are my SF(+F +H) reads of 2009. An average year for me in terms of books read (yes, I'm a ponderous reader).

    Titles in green I did not particularly like.
    Titles in black I enjoyed.
    Titles in red I really loved.

    I like that system so I'll copy it and I'll leave off the non-sf/f/h books I read this year.

    Kim Newman, The Night Mayor
    (First novel, I believe, at least under his own name. Sorta-cyberpunk with a fantasy feel. Not great, but it held my interest.)

    Alan Moore (w/Dave Gibbons), Watchmen (graphic novel)
    (Doesn’t replace From Hell as my favorite Moore, but quite good.)

    Carl Jacobi, Revelations in Black
    (Fun pulp, much from the great years of Weird Tales.)

    Peter Straub, lost boy lost girl
    (I read 5 novels by Straub this year and this might be my favorite. Also one of the best novels I read this year.)

    Peter Straub, In the Night Room
    (Straub invades Jonathan Carroll territory. If I hadn’t read this at the end of my Straub-athon, I might have thought it quite good. As is, my least favorite of the ones I read in 2009.)

    Fritz Leiber, Swords and Deviltry
    (Great fun. Swords & sorcery with theatrical panache.)

    Peter Beagle, The Last Unicorn
    (Both a great fantasy novel and a commentary on fantasy novels and fairy tales. Wonderful book.)

    Michael Moorcock, The Warlord of the Air
    (Fun novel. Adventure in a Wellsian vein, with just a dash of Lovecraft near the beginning. Moorcock in his more pulp-ish mode.)

    Graham Joyce, Partial Eclipse and Other Stories
    (Terrific collection of stories. Only a couple feel weaker than the others and the novella, “Leningrad Nights” is the strongest novella I’ve read in a long time.)

    Joss Wheden, et al, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Time of Your Life
    (Fun graphic novel. If you enjoyed the series, this run of comics covers the 8th season, had there been one.)

    China Mieville, The City and the City
    (Fantasy? S.f.? Don’t know, but a solid piece of work. Quite good. It interests me that Mieville chose to use a police procedural story to help focus and ground the more fantastic elements of the book.)

    Peter Beagle, The Innkeeper’s Song
    (Excellent fantasy novel. Maybe not as magical as The Last Unicorn, but a more mature work about more mature characters.)

    Richard Layman, The Cellar
    (Easily the least of the novels I read this year, gory in spots and violent, there is still some craftsmanship to what Layman does, and the final scene is unsettling.)

    Douglas Clegg, Isis
    (Much the mood and atmosphere of an old-time ghost story, though not really a ghost-story itself. Quite good.)

    Thomas Ligotti, My Work is Not Yet Done
    (Dark, dark short title novel combined with two dark shorter stories. Well-written, well-imagined, intense, violent, somewhat gory. Did I mention, dark?)

    Caitlin Kiernan, The Red Tree
    (Melds Arthur Machen-ish and Lovecraftian material with greater insight into character, generating narrative suspense even though you know from the beginning what will happen.)

    Stephen Gregory, The Perils and Dangers of This Night
    (Gregory builds suspense on the interaction of recognizable characters. Near the end he pushes the action a bit farther than I was willing to suspend disbelief, but I suspect that's an individual call and others wouldn't have a problem with it. If it matters to anyone, while this has a touch of the supernatural, it is probably better described as psychological horror. And there is some gore, though generally it fits the story being told.)

    Randy M.

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    Didn't get to read much this year. A new baby will do that to you every time. But the SF/Fantasy this year:

    Consider Phlebas - Iain M Banks

    Lightning World - Trebor Thorpe (aka Lionel Fanthorpe). An early typo-ridden work from the master of crap SF. Fanthorpe hadn't fully yet developed his style of combining maximum verbiage with minimal content but the signs are all here. No discernible characters, a clichéd story that only gets going about two chapters from the end and then suddenly stops, and Fanthorpe's uniquely wonderful air of vagueness.
    When they had all descended Tony did a couple of experimental steps. That was another factor in their favour. the gravity was about two thirds earth normal - maybe not much over fifty per cent. He felt light and strong
    Callahan's Crosstime Saloon - Spider Robinson

    Perry Rhodan 10 'The Ghosts of Gol' - I read one book in February. ONE! (I console myself with the fact that it is the shortest month of the year, but even so -ONE?!) And what a piece of **** it was too.

    Riverworld and Other Stories - By Philip Jose Farmer. Prompted by his death (not an obvious marketing move) and the fact that the book was at eye level in my To Be Read pile (I was lying down). I had been wondering for a while why I hadn't read more of his books. I remember now. I don't like them. Even after this short collection of stories I was irritated by his obsession with early morning erections and anal sex. Farmer's first published SF story in 1953 'shocked' the SF world, won him the Hugo Award for "most promising new writer" and is critically recognized as the story that broke the taboo on sex in science fiction. (Slathering BEM perverts drooling over pert-nosed, full-breasted, daughters of venerable professors aside.) Farmer seems to have spent a lot of the rest of his life upping the sexual ante.

    The Carpet People - Terry Pratchett. I've been carrying this one round in an inside pocket for weeks now. Finally finished it. Time to find a new thin, easily losable book for the jacket.

    The Shadow of Heaven - Bob Shaw. Meh thin SF novel.

    Four for the Future - collection.

    Enterprise Stardust - Sheer & Mahr, the first two Perry Rhodan 'novels' in one easily indigestible volume.

    Fever Crumb - Philip Reeve. He don't half write a rattling good yarn does Mr Reeve when he puts his mind to it. Mercifully free of the religiosity that has seems to have been creeping into his books, this is a prequel (of sorts) to his Mortal Engines books. And jolly fun it was too.

    An Antarctic Mystery - Jules Verne, being the somewhat disappointing 'sequel' to Edgar Allan Poe's gloriously odd 'The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket - Comprising the Details of Mutiny and Atrocious Butchery on Board the American Brig Grampus, on Her Way to the South Seas, in the Month of June, 1827. With an Account of the Recapture of the Vessel by the Survivers; Their Shipwreck and Subsequent Horrible Sufferings from Famine; Their Deliverance by Means of the British Schooner Jane Guy; the Brief Cruise of this Latter Vessel in the Atlantic Ocean; Her Capture, and the Massacre of Her Crew Among a Group of Islands in the Eighty-Fourth Parallel of Southern Latitude; Together with the Incredible Adventures and Discoveries Still Farther South to Which That Distressing Calamity Gave Rise.'

    The Instrumentality of Mankind - Cordwainer Smith. I gave this to my partner as part of a bookswap. She gave me An Antarctic Mystery (see above) and I gave her a couple of Cordwainer Smith books on the general principle that he's one of my favourite SF writers and one of those authors who wrote the kind of SF that is pretty accessible to those who might normally run a mile from "That Buck Rogers stuff". It's about people. Only afterwards I realised I hadn't actually read anything he had written for ages (and he, sadly, wrote pitifully little) and I had the terrors that he wasn't very good and I had made a complete fool of myself. I needn't have worried. He is good. I still like his work. Haven't heard from my partner yet whether she did though...

    Flying Saucers Have Landed - Leslie & Adamski - it's fiction.

    The King of America - Rod Glenn

    Beyond the Blue Event Horizon - Frederik Pohl

    The Tales of Beedle the Bard - J K Rowling. 20 minutes of my life
    spent wishing I still had my Andrew Lang fairy story books. Why did I get rid of them? They were nice copies too.

    Warm Worlds and Otherwise - James Triptree Jr.

    The Barbie Murders - John Varley

    The Other Glass Teat - Harlan Ellison. A collection of forty year old TV reviews and political rants. More entertaining than it sounds. I really want the first volume, The Glass Teat, which I used to have but sold years ago. (I should never sell books.)

    Of All Possible Worlds - William Tenn. One of those great SF authors I have forgotten about. I was prompted to pick this up after reading a Tenn story in...

    More Penguin Science Fiction - ed. Brian Aldiss, which was better than...

    New Writings in SF 23 -ed. Kenneth Bulmer

    Interzone the 4th Anthology - which contains a story by an old flatmate of mine, and possibly the only short story ever to have a favourite awful movie director Al Adamson (Director of Blood of Ghastly Horror and other incoherences) as a character.

    Omni's Screen Flights Screen Fantasies - Ed. Danny Peary. An old favourite.

    The Dragon Masters - Jack Vance. I still don't thrill to Jack Vance's writing. Loads of people tell me he's wonderful and a 'grand master' of SF but I just don't get it.

    Time and Again - Jack Finney. Jack Finney on the other hand has a lovely fluid style which just swept me along. The first of his books I have read. I will come back for more though I will admit I struggled a bit in the middle of this. I don't like those moments where the novelist lets his research takes over (in the footnote at the end of the book Finney admits, 'my efforts at accuracy became compulsive'). A simple tale of time travel and finding finding love when our hero gets there (I was reminded more than once of Richard Matheson's Somewhere in Time / Bid Time Return) is allowed to run longer than it should because of the long travelogue sections where our hero spends page after page describing the scenery and street scenes of 1882. This would probably be fascinating to a New Yorker but went on a bit too long for me.

    Of Demons and Darkness - John Collier

    Gateway - Frederick Pohl. A Hugo and Nebula Award winner (means both SF readers and writers liked it) I first read Gateway many years ago in a SF Magazine (Galaxy? Worlds of If?). When I started reading it I though it was a short story, by the time I got to the end of the first section and found out it was To Be Continued... I was hooked - luckily I did have the next two editions of the magazine (whatever it was called) lying around. Unluckily the story was in four parts. I waited weeks before the local library delivered the copy they had managed to find for me from somewhere exotic like Aberdeen (this was in the days when I used the mobile library van that visits the village and before t'internet). Some 17 years later the book isn't as terrificly terrific as I remember it - there is one piece of cringingly awful Psychological insight but still pretty darn good. Nice to read a old school 'hard' SF book in which the hero suffers from near terminal indecisiveness instead of the usual heroic crash! pow! wallopery.

    The Status Civilisation - Robert Sheckley

    The Sleeping Sorceress - Michael Moorcock

    Atom - Steve Aylett :turd:

    The Man Who Was Thursday - G K Chesterton

    A Strange Discovery - How we found Dirk Peters by Charles Romyn Dake - being a different sequel to The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket - Comprising the Details of Mutiny and Atrocious Butchery... etc. etc..

    The Skylark of Space - EE 'Doc' Smith

    L'atlantide by Pierre Benoit


    Various and sundry ancient copies of Astounding Stories and other free to download SF crap from
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    I did not read that much in the way of SF this year and there are a few books there that have fantasy elements alongside the SF. Here they are, using Ropie's format:

    Market Forces - Richard K Morgan
    Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson
    Only Forward - Michael Marshall Smith
    Interworld - Neil Gaiman
    The Forever War - Joe Haldeman
    The Inferior - Peadar O Guilin
    Lord of Light - Roger Zelazny
    The Gone-Away World - Nick Harkaway
    Yellow Blue Tibia - Adam Roberts

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    Here's the list of books I read in 2009 that can be considered SF:

    1. Strahan, Jonathan The Starry Rift
    2. Stover, Matthew Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor
    3. Stross, Charles The Jennifer Morgue
    4. Reed, Kit Enclave
    5. Moore/Gibbons Watchmen
    6. Banks, Iain M. Consider Plebas
    7. Hamilton, Peter F. The Temporal Void
    8. Roberson, Chris End of the Century
    9. Gevers & Lake Other Earths
    10. Kenyon, Kay City Without End
    11. Swann, S. Andrew Prophets
    12. Knight, E.E. Valentine's Resolve
    13. Scalzi, John METAtropolis
    14. Reynolds, Alastair House of Suns
    15. Knight, E.E. Fall with Honor
    16. Knight, E.E. Winter Duty
    17. Baciagalupi, Paolo The Wind-Up Girl
    18. Westerfeld, Scott Leviathan
    19. Kyme, Nick Salamander
    20. Weber, David Off Armageddon Reef
    21. McAuley, Paul The Quiet War
    22. McDevitt, Jack Time Travelers Never Die
    23. Gregory, Daryl The Devil's Alphabet
    24. McCarthy, Cormac The Road
    25. Sawyer, Robert, J WWW: Wake
    26. Anderson, Taylor Destroyermen: Maelstrom
    27. Abnett, Dan The Founding

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    From my Goodreads records - (r) means full reread this year of a book read at least a year ago for the first time
    The top 9 *09 releases* are listed in my top 20 sff books post of 09 on FBC with links to their reviews (Transition, In the Courts Sun, Mirror Space, Nova War, Land Dead, Gardens Sun, Osiris Ritual, Yellow Blue Tibia, Consorts Heaven) and I would commend the Ice Song and Manhattan Prophet debuts too as excellent but since I did not do a specifically debut section they did not have a place there; also these are strictly books read Jan 1-Dec 30 2009 so arcs read in 08 like Seeds of Earth, Daemon, Storm from the Shadows first read and others are not included here...

    Total about 73 if I count properly with 9 rereads included - though of course I reread many of these too immediately after first read

    Geosynchron (Jump 225 Trilogy) Edelman, David Louis
    Veracity (Hardcover) Bynum, Laura
    The Bookman (Unknown Binding) Tidhar, Lavie
    Emperor: Time's Tapestry (Book One) Baxter, Stephen
    Mirror Space: Sentients of Orion, Book 3 (Paperback) Pierres, Marianne de
    Chaos Space (Sentients of Orion) Pierres, Marianne de (r)
    Time Travelers Never Die (Hardcover) McDevitt, Jack
    Diving into the Wreck (Paperback) Rusch, Kristine Kathryn
    Vigilante: A Major Ariane Kedros Novel (Paperback) Reeve, Laura E.
    Leviathan (Hardcover) Westerfeld, Scott
    Gardens of the Sun (Gollancz) McAuley, Paul J.
    Escape From Byzantium (Perfect Paperback) Mellon, Mark
    The Year of the Flood (Hardcover) Atwood, Margaret
    Red Claw (Paperback) Palmer, Philip
    Venusia (Semiotext(e) / Native Agents) vonSchlegell, Mark
    Filaria (Paperback) Hayward, Brent
    Orbus (Hardcover) Asher, Neal
    Torch of Freedom (Hardcover) Weber, David
    Transition (Hardcover) Banks, Iain M.
    Storm from the Shadows (Honorverse: Saganami, #2) Weber, David (r)
    Crown of Slaves (Honorverse: Wages of Sin, #1) Weber, David (r)
    Bitter Angels (Mass Market Paperback) Anderson, C.L.
    Nova War (Hardcover) Gibson, Gary
    Stealing Light (Paperback) Gibson, Gary (r)
    House of Reeds (Tor Science Fiction) Harlan, Thomas (r)
    Wasteland of Flint (Mass Market Paperback) Harlan, Thomas (r)
    Land of the Dead (Hardcover) Harlan, Thomas
    Hitler's War (Hardcover) Turtledove, Harry
    The New Space Opera 2 (Paperback) Dozois, Gardner R.
    The Repossession Mambo (Mass Market Paperback) Garcia, Eric
    Far North (Hardcover) Theroux, Marcel 0571237770
    The Osiris Ritual (Paperback) Mann, George
    Consorts of Heaven (Hardcover) Fenn, Jaine
    Orphan's Triumph (Jason Wander) Buettner, Robert
    Death's Head: Day of the Damned (Hardcover)
    Cythera (Hardcover) Calder, Richard
    The Tuloriad (Posleen War: Sidestories, #3)
    Xenopath (Bengal Station) Brown, Eric 1844167429
    Honor of the Clan (Posleen War: Cally's War, #3) Ringo, John
    Yellow Eyes (Posleen War: Sidestories, #2)
    Age of Ra (Mass Market Paperback) Lovegrove, James
    Death's Head Maximum Offense (Death's Head, Book 2) Gunn, David (r)
    Genesis (Hardcover) Beckett, Bernard
    Ice Song (Paperback) Kasai, Kirsten Imani
    Conspirator (Foreigner, #10) Cherryh, C.J.
    Eclipse 2: New Science Fiction and Fantasy Strahan, Jonathan
    Julian Comstock: A Story of 22nd-Century America Wilson, Robert Charles
    The Crystal Cosmos (Hardcover) Hughes, Rhys
    Omega (Hardcover) Evans, Christopher
    Other Earths (Paperback) Gevers, Nick
    This Is Not a Game: A Novel (Hardcover) Williams, Walter Jon
    In the Courts of the Sun (Hardcover) D'Amato, Brian
    The Unincorporated Man (Hardcover) Kollin, Dani
    Shadow of the Scorpion (Paperback) Asher, Neal
    Prophets (Apotheosis, #1) Swann, S. Andrew
    Dark Matter (Paperback) Ahmed, S.W.
    By Heresies Distressed (Safehold, #3) Weber, David
    The Third Claw of God (Mass Market Paperback) Castro, Adam-Troy
    Yellow Blue Tibia: A Novel (Hardcover) Roberts, Adam
    Overthrowing Heaven (Hardcover) Name, Mark L. Van
    Reckless Sleep (Gollancz SF S.) Levy, Roger
    The Accord (Mass Market Paperback) Brooke, Keith
    Mind Over Ship (Hardcover) Marusek, David
    The Walls of the Universe (Hardcover) Melko, Paul
    The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction Volume 3 Mann, George
    Impossibilia (PS Showcase #5, hardcover) Smith, Douglas
    Steal Across the Sky (Hardcover) Kress, Nancy
    Counting Heads (Hardcover) Marusek, David

    Oryx and Crake (Paperback) Atwood, Margaret (r)
    Daughters of the North (Paperback) Hall, Sarah
    The Rapture (Hardcover) Jensen, Liz 0385528213
    Tours of the Black Clock: A Novel (Paperback) Erickson, Steve (r)
    Santa Olivia (Paperback) Carey, Jacqueline
    Angelglass (Paperback) Barnett, David
    The Manhattan Prophet (Paperback) Packard, Jake
    Apocalypse 2012 (Aztec) Jennings, Gary
    Glyphotech (Showcase Series 4) Samuels, Mark 1
    The Babylonian Trilogy (Hardback) Doubinsky, Sébastien
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    Here's my SF reads for the year, along with ratings (I tend to be pretty generous, with a 7/10 being a fairly average read. BTW, these colors feel backwards to me!

    Kobo Abe - The Woman in the Dunes (8/10)
    Poul Anderson - The People of the Wind (6/10)
    Iain Banks - Transition (7/10)
    Greg Bear - City at the End of Time (7/10)
    John Birmingham - Weapons of Choice (6/10)
    C. J. Cherryh - Regenesis (8/10)
    Tony Daniel - Metaplanetary (8/10)
    Tony Daniel - Superluminal (7/10)
    Philip K. Dick - Dr. Bloodmoney (7/10)
    Cory Doctorow - Little Brother (7/10)
    Philip Jose Farmer - The Unreasoning Mask (7/10)
    Michael Flynn - Eifelheim (6/10)
    Joe Lansdale - Zeppelins West (9/10)
    Joe Lansdale - Flaming London (8/10)
    David Marusek - Counting Heads (8/10)
    David Marusek - Mind Over Ship (8/10)
    Cormac McCarthy - The Road (7/10)
    Magnus Mills - The Scheme for Full Employment (7/10)
    Chuck Palahniuk - Pygmy (8/10)
    Cherie Priest - Boneshaker (7/10)
    Alastair Reynolds - The Prefect (9/10)
    Alastair Reynolds - The Six Directions of Space (7/10)
    Robert Sheckley - Immortality Inc. (7/10)
    Lucius Shepard - The Best of Lucius Shepard (8/10)
    Barrie Sherwood - Escape From Amsterdam (7/10)
    Charles Stross - The Family Trade (7/10)
    Charles Stross - The Hidden Family (7/10)
    Charles Stross - The Clan Corporate (7/10)
    Charles Stross - The Merchants' War (7/10)
    Charles Stross - The Revolution Business (7/10)
    Charles Stross - Missile Gap (8/10)
    Charles Stross - Saturn's Children (8/10)
    Michael Swanwick - The Dog Said Bow-Wow (8/10)
    Jo Walton - Farthing (9/10)
    Jo Walton - Ha'penny (8/10)
    Jo Walton - Half a Crown (8/10)
    Walter Jon Williams - Implied Spaces (8/10)
    Walter Jon Williams - This is Not a Game (6/10)
    Robert Charles Wilson - Spin (8/10)
    Robert Charles Wilson - Axis (7/10)
    Robert Charles Wilson - Julian Comstock (8/10)

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    The Surrealists Sports Club! Thanks, for reminding me, Engelbrecht. I have to go find my copy now and read it again...

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