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I also agree that WMF seems peaked to deliver on all expectations that fans have built up over the last several years, and considering how lofty those have become, that is no small accomplishment. It does not appear that Rothfuss will fall prey to any sort of 'sophomore slump' and deliver something that all parties find to be disappointing. And I am happy for that, as it will mean a rock star type of feeling when WMF is finally released and the level of excitement in bookstores around the fantasy sections will be escalated. I am a big enough dork to feed off of that and enjoy it, even if the series isn't one of my personal favorites.
Dorks of the world unite. Speaking of rock star level excitement can you imagine how crazy it will be at bookstores when ADWD gets released? I am not a fan but like you it will be enjoyable to see how much happiness it will bring to Martin fans.

I pre-ordered my copy of WMF which is cool but at the same time it won't be the same as running down to the bookstore and grabbing the book off the shelf. I did do express shipping though but I still won't get it until probably March 3rd. I should have my Eolian Bar T-Shirt by then. I shall revel in nerddom for about a week. Going to try to force myself to read the book slowly rather than blow through it.