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WMF is far slower to start with and the words seem less skillfully crafted. But it comes to life and reaches that point where I couldn't put it down.....until it falls to bits with an awful few chapters that are not only so bad to read that I had to skip pages just to get through it, but also ruin the entire feel for the story and the world for me.

Everyone who has read it will know what section I am talking about.
I felt the same way.

His time spent in the the Maer's manse I already was enjoying less than his general University hijinks, but it was still passably fine. The entire Felurian episode though was just too far gone. I at first assumed it was a dream or vision of some sort that would soon end, and when it didn't I thought well surely it will at least be a quick jaunt in the land of the Fae. That it continued to last for chapters on end just destroyed my goodwill for the book.

I didn't particularly mind the Adem bit as much, though it was a bit rote. Felurian however I just can't get over. That section moved Wise Man's Fear from my clear favorite of the year to just a passably good novel. Which, as silvercue mentioned, is a shame as I absolutely loved TNotW.